Gifts for music lovers

Gifts for music lovers

There is a wide range of high-quality headphones, speakers and home cinema systems available in the shops that will raise the pulse of even the most discerning customers. So it’s fun at Christmas time – but of course also on many other occasions – to find the right gift for someone with an appreciation for quality and good sound. It is worth taking a look at the premium segment, because outstanding technology and a high-quality finish promise a magnificent music experience. Anyone who has ever immersed themselves in exciting worlds of sound will be accustomed to this high standard and will no longer be prepared to compromise – whether in their living room, their home studio, when working out or at an impromptu party with friends.

In this feature, we provide an overview of current trends and introduce you to products that are ideally suited as gifts for music lovers.


Headphones: for a bombastic sound that gets right inside your head

Headphones are the direct interface between the audio device and your ear. They are very popular with music fans because they block out background noises. They are available in countless forms: from wireless and extremely light sport headphones to comfortable over-ear headphones with memory foam padding and noise-cancelling functions.

Undisrupted music enjoyment thanks to noise cancelling

A lot has changed in recent years in terms of noise cancelling functions in particular. For example, handy headphones like Bose QuietComfort 25 are available that are astonishingly light at just 195 g. These hi-fi over-ear headphones can be stored easily thanks to the rotating earcups, making them an ideal travel companion. With sophisticated noise reduction technology and a broad stereo range, they provide a powerful and balanced top-class sound in all frequency bands. The headphones are characterised by their pleasant and crisp trebles as well as powerful and precise bass.

QuietControl 30 goes one step further: It features active noise reduction that the user can adjust individually, allowing him or her to regulate the level of background noise to let in. This is perfect when travelling, as it makes it possible to hear important announcements on the one hand while also enjoying undisrupted music during the journey on the other.

Unparalleled sound when working out thanks to perfectly adjusted sport headphones

Wireless in-ear headphones with ergonomically shaped earbuds that sit securely are just the right choice for athletes. They stay exactly where they belong, even during high-intensity workouts. Made from a moisture-resistant and sweat-resistant material, they are extremely durable. It goes without saying that these sport headphones have to be extremely light. Whether they also offer excellent sound is not as obvious, but this is an important factor to consider when buying.

SoundSport Pulse from Bose satisfy both criteria – and have even more to offer: These sport headphones provide top-class sound and offer the special feature of a built-in heart rate sensor that records your workout data directly from your ear. This makes your training more efficient, as you always know what level you are currently at. The comfortable earbuds stay put even when you are working out, and can be simply and conveniently handled thanks to Bluetooth and NFC inline remote.


Speakers: Top-notch sound at home and on the go

Like headphones, discerning music lovers are also spoilt for choice when it comes to hi-fi speakers for uncompromising music enjoyment. The best thing is that top-quality sound can be enjoyed easily at home and on the go – and of course can also be given as a gift.

For the best audio experience: high-quality speakers for your home

There are sound systems available for living rooms that provide concert hall sound quality. The satellite boxes can generally be integrated wirelessly via Bluetooth, and can be placed anywhere in the room as a result. Even powerful systems are getting more and more compact, and this is particularly noticeable in the area of subwoofers. What was once a large dice-shaped box has now given way to a more subtle appearance.

Maybe the Acoustimass 300 bass module from Bose is just what you want: It was developed specially for the SoundTouch 300 soundbar and delivers powerful bass that you can even feel. The bass module will win you over with its compact size, making it easy to mount, particularly as it is connected wirelessly to the soundbar. The premium glass-top finish underscores the wonderful sound quality and gives the bass module an exclusive look.

Just take the good sounds with you

Customers with a taste for audio don’t have to do without excellent sound quality when on the go. Thanks to Bluetooth and NFC, handy speakers can be connected to your smartphone in the blink of an eye. Some are specially designed for outdoor use and offer a silicone body, are robust and dust and spray-resistant. They are light, and some are available in bright colours, making them a stylish accessory. Be inspired by our audio products, which we are happy to recommend to you as gifts for music lovers.

One representative of the ultra-mobile speaker is SoundLink Colour from Bose. This powerhouse of sound weighs just 570 g and can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. A 3.5 mm jack can also be used to connect it to other input devices. Its vibrant colours are fun and attractive.

And if you want to have sound on the go while at home, carefully designed Bluetooth speakers are just what you need. SoundLink Mini from Bose is just one example. This is a very compact, high-quality Bluetooth speaker that fits everywhere thanks to its streamlined design. Weighing just 670 g, the device stands out because of its powerful sound, which is highlighted impressively by its seamless aluminium casing. Its horizontal design gives it a low centre of gravity, making it nearly impossible to tip over.


We hope that this little product selection has given you an initial insight into the big world of audio products. Red Dot 21 will soon include more features for technology and music fans with an appreciation of quality and design. In the meantime, simply browse through our Red Dot 21 magazine for further inspiration for your Christmas gifts, e.g. in our features Christmas gift ideas with a special design or Finding stylish gifts for mothers.

Posted on 13.11.2017

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