Gardens of the year 2017

Gardens of the year 2017

The 50 most beautiful private gardens of 2017 from the competition in an opulent coffee-table book in german language. An indispensable source of inspiration by Callwey publisher for planning and creating your own garden. Everywhere we look, flowers are blossoming and plants are blooming. In summertime, we enjoy not only the lush green of public parks with their plants and trees, but also time spent in our own garden. Colourful beds and plant pots on the patio lift the mood and automatically make us feel good. But before the garden can shine in all its glory, some sweat-inducing work is needed that pays off in the end. Because there is nothing nicer than relaxing with friends in the garden on a warm summer’s day and listening to the bees buzzing and the birds chirping in the midst of a manicured green oasis.

Inspiration for private garden design

The “Garten des Jahres 2017” (Garden of the Year 2017) coffee-table book gives you 272 pages of inspiration for your personal garden design. Get an overview of the nicest private gardens from the best garden planners in the German-speaking world and allow yourself to be inspired. The book documents the competition of the same name, where landscape architects, garden designers and garden and landscape artists are invited to submit their concepts for designing private gardens together with the plans. A respected jury awards the best gardens from the impressive diversity of the gardens participating in the competition.

Convincing garden design

The opulent coffee-table book shows colour pictures, in-depth garden plans, detailed information on the special aspects of the plot, the concept, the materials used and the selection of plants. A total of 50 successfully executed gardens are presented, making the book an indispensable aid for garden owners and planners. Be inspired by the botanical masterpieces, and replicate the best examples. The book was published by Callwey and it is only available in german language.

Gardens of the year 2017

Author Konstanze Neubauer

Author Konstanze Neubauer is a studied eography and landscape architect and works as a freelance journalist and author for different specialist magazines and book publishers on the topic of gardens and nature. Her own book “Gartenschätze im Bayern” (Garden Treasures in Bavaria) was also published by Callwey Verlag.

Author Mely Kiyak

Mely Kiyak is a publisher and author of several books. Her essays, analyses and features are represented in the German-speaking media, for example “Die Zeit”, “Deutschlandradio Kultur”. For “Zeit Online” she writes her weekly column “Kiyaks Deutschstunde” (Kiyak’s German Class). Her book “Ein Garten liegt verschwiegen – Von Nonnen und Beeten, Natur und Klausur” (A garden lies concealed – Nuns and garden beds, nature and cloister) was published in 2011. In addition she also writes for the oldest German-language magazine “Winke”, which has specialised in biological horticulture. Mely Kiyak has already won several awards for her work. She has wrote the introduction for the “Garden of the year 2017”.

Posted on 12.07.2017

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