For your very own paradise: This garden furniture is trending

For your very own paradise: This garden furniture is trending

A garden is being appreciated more and more as a paradisiacal retreat where you can forget all the rules and constraints of daily life. The stresses and frenzy of daily life are replaced with peace and the opportunity to contemplate. The close relationship that people have to their garden is explained not only in the biblical description of paradise, but also in philosophy and literature. The philosopher, Cicero once wrote “If you have a garden and a library as well, you will want for nothing”. In classics like “The Secret Garden” too, a wild paradise becomes a place of longing for a young girl.

The right furniture for your home garden

Your garden is a treasured place. The more it meets your expectations, the more pleasure it will give you – in spring and in summer. Not seldom does the garden then become the second living room when nature awakens and pleasant temperatures allow you to spend long afternoons and evenings amidst greenery.

It is due to this meaningfulness that the design of the garden requires as much attention as that of the house or the apartment. So, garden furniture should not only appeal through its quality and functionality by withstanding heat and rain, it must charm through its aesthetics and design as well.

Happening furniture for the outdoors

This summer 2017, the days are past for tired, white furniture as much as they are for heavy teak wood furniture or for extra-large sized ones. Nowadays, the heavy lounge-look has been replaced by light, filigree garden furniture. What is loved and happening is sofas of smaller dimensions and seating sets made of weather-resistant polypropylene tape, or recliners and chairs that look airy and are made of corrosion-resistant metals. The Click Sunlounger recliner from Houe belongs to these. It appeals to everyone through the elegant interaction between its shape and the material of construction. The reclining area is made of polypropylene tape and is combined with armrests of bamboo and a metal frame gives it the required stability.

Click Sunlounger recliner from Houe*

This trend towards lightness is also on display in the “Gondola” hammock from Hammock. This design is inspired by the flowing movements of Venetian gondolas on the water. At the same time, the sunshade appears as a large leaf that extends over the reclining area and so melds into the garden in an ideal way.

Gondola hammock from Hammock

Beautiful designer pieces for the indoors and outdoors

In the case of many tables and chairs, the transition from indoors to outdoors is becoming increasingly blurred. This is strongly exemplified by outdoor adaptations of design classics such as the cantilever chairs by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Pieces of furniture such as this, need not be hidden in the garage or in the attic in the winter months, but can be placed around in the house or flat as an eye catcher. The same can be said of the aluminium chair, “The Egde Chair” from Novague. The chair is made of aluminium coated with plastic and has been influenced by the Japanese art of folding paper, called Origami. Through this, the chair is characterised by distinct but clear lines. Novague’s chair is conceived for use in various environments and it shows its sculpture-like qualities as much in the garden as in the living room.

The Egde Chair from Novague

In addition, tables such as the “Oryx” from Zebra come into their own in the sunroom, on the terrace or in the dining room through their modern look. “Oryx” wins you over by its high-quality table top made of brushed stainless steel and, in particular, with its implied joints.

Table Oryx from Zebra*

A summery flair is exuded by the clean design of the Palm seating group. This effect is achieved by the harmonious combination of light brown wood and upholstery in natural colours. The chair can be placed both indoors or outdoors as the upholstery of the padding is water-repellent.

Seating group Palm from Massivum *

Whether you have a perfectly planned garden or a small, wild paradise that you call your own, well-chosen garden furniture will give you much more pleasure outside in summer or even inside in your flat.

Posted on 10.07.2017

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