Furnishing trends at the IMM Cologne

Furnishing trends at the IMM Cologne

We look forward to you visiting us at the IMM Cologne on the 16th of January 2018. The presentation will begin at 12:15 hours in hall 3.1 at booth A (The Stage). Every year, the IMM Cologne, as the first exhibition of the year, kicks off the series of international furnishing trade shows and has just the right object available there for everyone’s taste and budget – from simple basics right up to absolute luxury. The latest trends in living styles are presented, which will define the furniture and the interiors sector for this year.


A breathtaking variety of ideas for furnishings

The IMM Cologne has a breathtaking variety of ideas for interiors. It is always the first choice for renowned international exhibitors and for competent and knowledgeable visitors from across the world. It is also considered the showplace for staging designs, where architects, exhibitors and designers send out clear signals and would like to define the latest areas of focus. These include, for example, the lighting sector, which will define the trade fair in two main focus in 2018. The first is decorative lighting in its most diverse forms and lamp designs and the other is the technical lighting sector with its complex and easily controllable lighting solutions. Other innovative themes at the IMM Cologne are the bathroom and smart home segment this year. It will also cover the widest range of interior designs that are reflected in colouring systems, kitchen furniture, carpets and durable product systems.

Find out, in advance, about the many excellent products by renowned companies and designers that you can meet as exhibitors at the IMM Cologne. We disclose in which hall and at which booth you can find these exhibitors.


EDIT upholstery from KOINOR Polstermöbel GmbH


With the EDIT upholstery from the “Free Motion” series, KOINOR Polstermöbel GmbH has created a new dimension in seating and lying down. Here, extraordinary shapes and functional diversity are unified in a sofa. These models appeal to you through their clear lines, which are paired with modernity and timelessness. The highly functional single seater sofas rest on a plateau and have a full look that helps in giving them a really cool appearance. Each of the single seaters can be rotated and can also be moved to the side. In this way, one can come closer together or also stay at a distance, just as you want. The innovative technology by EDIT makes it possible to adjust the back or the lower part in a stepless way, independent of each other, through the integrated electric seat adjuster. You can find this magician that will help you to relax in hall 10.2 at booth N011, O011. EDIT is a winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.


filigno occasional furniture from TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

filigno occasional furniture from TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH
The filigno occasional furniture from TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH has a delicate casing made of genuine sold wood as its characteristic feature. This casing has been wonderfully resolved by a fine shadow gap at the edges. The filigno sideboards and highboards are available with drawers, swinging and sliding doors as well as with or without design elements. You can choose between coloured glass and ceramic, aside from natural wood for the fronts. For that special free floating light impression for the occasional furniture, there are a “cubus pure” base or a receding stand available as alternatives. The latest technology is integrated with traditional Austrian craftsmanship in these furniture pieces. The top boards and the sides of the filigno occasional furniture are made of solid wood panels that are just 12 millimeter thick. They have been manufactured using the latest 3-layer technology. In spite of their low material thickness, they are extremely stable due to this innovative technology. You can find TEAM Natürlich Wohnen GmbH in hall 11.3 at booth P030, Q031.




The FONTANA dining table, made of natural stone, is created by the DRAENERT STUDIO GmbH. It is fitted with an innovative synchronous mechanism, which allows the table to be converted effortlessly into a banquet table. Together with the designers Georg Appeltshauser, the master of the technology, and Gino Carollo, the aesthete of shapes, DRAENERT has developed a modern stone table par excellence, through its patented pull-out mechanism, the so-called turn-lower-linear-rotation mechanism. This allows the integrated natural stone plates to be pulled out synchronously in a way that does not require the position of the table to be changed. The cross section of the top has also been reduced in order to ensure more freedom for your legs to move around. The expressive trapezoidal table top gives it the formal “finishing touch”. In 2015, the FONTANA was honoured with the Red Dot: Best of the Best. You can look forward to many new products from the DRAENERT STUDIO GmbH, which you will find in hall 11.2 at booth J002, K001.


The riverside lounge chair from Tonon & C. spa

The riverside lounge chair with its organic design and 3D geometry has been inspired by nature. It gives you a really comfortable feel when you sit in it. Mac Stopa is the person responsible for its design. The shape of the chair is almost sculptural. Its outer form has an interplay of curved lines which seem like a pattern created by the wind, water and waves on the banks of a river. The material that it is made of is extremely durable and resistant to weather and fire, too. Therefore, it is also ideally suited for outdoor use. In addition, the lounge chair is fitted with a water drain so that rain water does not collect on the seat. riverside was hounured with a Red Dot at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017. You can find Tonon & C. spa in hall 11.1 at booth B029.


The latest trends in living styles in the Red Dot Design Yearbooks

In order to get a preliminary overview with regard to the current trends in design, we recommend to take a look at the Red Dot Design Yearbooks which we are presenting at the IMM Cologne. These Red Dot Design Yearbooks are a living portrayal of the design sector and of the latest developments in the fields of living and residences, activity and lifestyle, working and technology as well as of leisure and recreation. The winning products presented show model developments, potential and trends in current product design.


Discover other excellent home products by renowned manufacturers and well-known designers in our Living & bedroom furniture category here online on Red Dot 21. Many of their products have received design prizes for their very high design quality.

Posted on 15.01.2018

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