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The right solution for fresh air in your rooms

You can make an oasis of fresh air and create a comfortable room temperature that meets your personal preference through ventilation systems, air conditioning units or air cleaners. The solution, which you should choose, depends on several factors which we shall illustrate in the following.

A new construction or an existing property – what is possible?

In the case of a new construction, a ventilation system including an air ducting system can also be planned for directly in the design. The ventilation of all the rooms can then be controlled by a central system. When this is combined with heat recovery, it avoids the loss of heat from the air in the interior rooms, particularly in winter. In the case that only some particular rooms require this room ventilation, such as bathrooms and kitchens, then this can be also be carried out, in a decentralised way, through openings in the wall to the outside and the subsequent installation of a system, such as the Ego ventilation system. This model can also be installed at a later stage and is also not as expensive as the installation of a central ventilation system in an existing construction.

An alternative could be individual units in the shape of stand-alone or installed solutions, which ensure clean air and also significantly improve the air quality in interior rooms. The effort involved and cost of the installation is low and the functionality and the versatility of the devices are high: They extend from chic designer ventilators and up to comprehensively equipped stand-alone units, which filter pollutants out of the air and also regulate the temperature and humidity in the room and, besides those, can be operated through an app.


This is how you can find the right device

One who is thinking of improving the air quality of his or her rooms, should consider the following factors.

  • Filter performance
    In the case that pollutants are to be removed from the air, primarily, then a device is to be recommended which also makes the smallest particles harmless. The efficiency of filtration is specified in microns and here, the following is applicable: The lower the value, the better. Current air cleaners such as the Pure Cool from Dyson, achieve a value of 0.1 microns and so, they filter out 99.95% of all the allergens, pollen and bacteria from the air. In addition, it should be seen if the filter can be removed and cleaned by you on your own, or if a representative from the company must be called. One who desires the highest degree of comfort here, is well-advised to purchase a device with a self-cleaning function – or with a permanent filter, which can simply be washed.
  • Room-related factors
    An air cleaner or an air conditioner should be matched to the size of the room. A glance at the specifications of the manufacturer will give you the number of square metres which the unit is suitable for. In addition, it must be checked, where the unit is to be placed or installed. How much floor space does it require? Or can it be mounted on the wall? Will the flow of air reach all the corners of the room from there? A large unit is not so conspicuous in a large room, a smaller, simply designed air cleaner is possibly more suitable for installation on the wall and it will integrate into all interior designs without any problems. Here, your personal preferences are decisive.
  • Power consumption, noise emission and odour
    In the case of modern units, the power consumption is generally low and in addition, they can be switched on or off through a timer. Devices with sensors are particularly intelligent as they measure the air quality continuously and adjust their performance accordingly. Aside from the power consumption, noise and odour emissions must also be taken into account. The unit should not only run extremely silently in your bedroom, it should also not emit odours, such as ozone, which is generated due to ionisation.
  • Ease of operation
    Modern air conditioning and ventilation units can often be quite easily controlled by smartphone apps. So, you can, while still on the way, set when the room ventilator unit should start. This is practical, saves energy and gives you a comfortable environment at home, when you arrive. Aside from that, apps also display what the air quality is like and that is particularly important for people who are sensitive to pollutants in the air. In the following, we are introducing you to a selection of currently available devices for various scenarios, beginning with the Ego ventilation system for the ventilation of living spaces and up to a functional hygrometer for the monitoring of important air parameters.



Ego and Touch Air Comfort for decentralised ventilation of rooms

Thanks to its two fans, the Ego ventilation system can be used as a decentralised solution for the extraction as well as the supply of air in living spaces. A particular high-volume extraction mode of 45 m³/h allows the air to be exchanged quickly, e.g. in the bathroom, and to supply it with fresh air very quickly. As the ventilation system also functions with heat recovery, it is energy efficient and is well suited for residential constructions which are environmentally responsible.

A particular feature of Ego is that it has a cover, which has a honeycomb-like pattern, and thanks to which, it can also be used in living spaces. When the device is switched off, a magnetic metal sheet can be placed over the honeycomb-like pattern in order to minimise the exchange of residual air, in the case that it is not in use for long periods of time. Ego is controlled through its Touch Air Comfort console. The panel has a timeless design and is integrated with a sensor for the measurement of humidity and temperature and it is also very easy to operate through its touch display.

Ego Touch Air Comfort
Ego ventilation system


Pure Cool from Dyson – chic air purifier with thought-out functions

The Pure Cool air purifier from Dyson requires very little space and integrates ideally into an apartment’s furnishings through its slim and simple design. The device is particularly suited for people who are allergic, as it filters out 99.95% of all the allergens, pollen, bacteria and fine dust out of the air. An active carbon filter also gets rid of unpleasant and harmful odours such as cigarette smoke and vapours. Thanks to its open, cylindrical shape, air is drawn in, over 360 degrees, and is filtered. The cleaned fresh air exits the filter through the air ring as a steady breeze. The air stream can be regulated in ten steps and is therefore quite flexible.

The Pure Cool can also be controlled via a smartphone app, which gives you information with regard to the humidity and air quality. As an alternative, remote control is available to determine the status of the air and to set the values. Practical is also: The device can also automatically check the air quality via an automatic function.

Pure Cool Dyson
Pure Cool air purifier from Dyson


Artcool Stylist – air conditioner for design lovers

The Artcool Stylist air conditioner looks wonderful with its carefully designed lines and circles and, through that, it is a unique design object. With its matt surface and characteristic pattern, which looks like a fabric, the unit goes well with all kinds of interior furnishings, be they classic, retro, minimalistic or rustic.

Its tidy appearance is upgraded through a fine LED light circle of light, whose colour can be changed as per your mood or the season. Aside from that, the light also gives the user feedback. If, for example, the unit is tapped with the finger, the upper edge of the LED circle lights up and, through that, it confirms the input. Cooling is done through a 3D flow of air, which fills the room with a nice breeze and cools it to the desired temperature.

The Artcool Stylist is fitted with a filter, which eliminates allergens from the air, and, thanks to its self-cleaning function, it is low on maintenance. Remote control, which is incorporated in the design and the sleep mode with reduced noise emission, are also part of its features.

Artcool Stylist
Artcool Stylist


Mondo Hygrometer: all the climatic data at a glance

The Mondo hygrometer with its modern design measures the humidity and the temperature in interior rooms. In addition, it displays the current time and date. If you tap lightly on the bottom of the device, the respective highest and lowest values of humidity and temperature can be called up. The display shows the information in a visually clear way, so that you can register the important values at a single glance.
Mondo can stand on its own or can be mounted on the wall. It is available in various colours from simple black/white to vibrant blue/white, pink/beige and orange/red. It runs on a single AAA battery, which can be exchanged quite easily.

Mondo Hygrometer
Hygrometer Mondo


Further ventilation systems, air conditioning equipment or air purifiers for fresh air and other useful appliances can be found in our category household.

Posted on 19.09.2017

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