Finding stylish gifts for mothers

Finding stylish gifts for mothers

You can surely think of numerous gifts that are more practical than attractive. But let’s be honest, a gift is only nice when it is both functional and stylish. What about some table accessories?


Everyone loves a perfectly laid table

A well-laid table includes high-quality tableware, the right cutlery, appealing decoration and various table accessories. The nicer these are, the better the overall impression the table will have on invited guests. The best part is that every guest notices that you have put thought into it beforehand to make the meal together an unforgettable and cosy experience.

Another advantage is that everything that is already on the table for the guests no longer has to be fetched from the kitchen. So there are no interruptions to the cosy atmosphere at the laid table. The host can then enjoy the evening just as much as the guests.


Give the gift of table accessories with a special design

These reasons are enough of an incentive to turn to unusual and stylish table accessories as Christmas gift ideas for mothers. Anyone familiar with the benefits and aware of the wow factor for guests of an exclusive wine carafe, an easy-to-use bottle opener with an extravagant design or a set of attractively designed salt and pepper shakers will be delighted to see the lovely design products that are suitable for placing on the Christmas table and that we want to present to you here:


Fruit bowl

In this stylish white fruit bowl Airedo, the fruit sits on a soft plastic mat containing air vents that ensures that the air can circulate and at the same time prevents bruising. The frame is made from coated glass and provides a sharp contract to the soft interior. You can add nectarines and oranges from your Christmas stocking to the bowl and create a new decorative space on your table.


Cooling carafe

The appealing design of the elegant Flow Slim cooling carafe from Emsa comprises a premium material mix of stainless steel and glass. The integrated cooling element ensures an optimum cooling effect for maximum refreshment. You can enjoy chilled drinks from this cooling carafe for up to 4 hours.



What about an Incanter for a change? Designed by Italian-based Swedish designer Daniele Semeraro, you can use this decanter to create your very own dressings and spirits from your favourite aromas (fruit and spices).


Salt and pepper shakers

The mini Look Touch Taste set with a collecting pool gathers the ground salt and pepper directly from the grinder and directs the desired amount of salt or pepper precisely. It is fitted with a high-quality, steplessly adjustable ceramic grinder that allows for vertical and side grinding.

We recommend: Give the matching gift of high-quality salt, e.g. natural salt such as pink Himalayan crystal salt* from Pakistan, which is traditionally hand-harvested, hand-picked, washed and sun-dried and contains no added aromas or flavour enhancers.

The pepper we recommend is natural Tasmanian mountain pepper*, which is likewise free from colourings, preservatives and aromas. The unique climate and intact ecosystem in the cool gorges of upland Tasmanian make this pepper a very special taste experience.


Oil & vinegar dispensers

The Bistro Line dispenser from Kuhn Rikon for oil and vinegar with drip-free pourers is a perfect combination of function and design – ideal for decorating, refining and spicing up salads, pasta, vegetables and much more. You can choose between three different pouring intensities – from fine to medium to strong.

We recommend: Give the accompanying gift of high-quality olive oil like Jordan olive oil*, which has already won several awards internationally and is 100% natural – without flavour enhancers, aromas, fillers and preservatives. And a good quality vinegar such as Guiseppe Giusti balsamic vinegar* in the 250 ml bottle, which is matured for ten years in wooden barrels.


Bottle opener

An attractively laid table should not be without a nicely designed bottle opener, like Aperto from Brookstone. Aperto is suitable for natural and synthetic corks and works fully automatically, without pressing any buttons, as soon as it is put over a wine bottle.


Wine, sparkling wine and champagne cooler

After the bottles are opened, you need a space on the table where you can keep them cold. With Delfazzo No.5, you are giving the gift of space for a stylish appearance for up to seven bottles. It is the world’s first champagne cooler made from Corian and won an award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 for this special feature.

We recommend: Give your mother a bottle of champagne to go with it, e.g. Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial*, which is only served over ice and can be served with a slice of fresh lime, orange or cucumber.


We hope you have lots of fun choosing beautiful table accessories as gifts with a special design!

Posted on 30.10.2017

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