Equipping your home office with useful accessories

Equipping your home office with useful accessories

A prerequisite for successful working at home is however, a workroom that motivates you to work on the one hand and also does not neglect the feel-good effect on the other. One who would like to work efficiently within one’s own four walls must necessarily have to follow a few important rules while equipping one’s workplace:

  1. Separate the working area from the living area. In the case that no separate room is available, place racks or small cupboards as separating elements.
  2. Keep things in place. Store work items that are seldom used in cupboards and drawers. Important items that are used often should be available, easily within reach.
  3. Use natural light sources if possible. They can be perfectly supplemented with a dimmable desk lamp.
  4. Small spots of colour increase the feel-good potential and so, improve productivity. However, too many decorative items distract you from your creative urges.

When you design your home office to be modern, stylish and still functional, you have taken the first step towards effective working from home.


The right plan is right at the heart of working from home

It is just that person who is his/her own boss at home who runs the danger of getting bogged down by the diversity of the jobs that need to be completed. A clearly prepared to-do list that is easily visible and close at hand is a great help. Red Dot 21 has found just the right solution for you in a tasteful glass magnet board.

The  Magnetic Glass Board artverum from Sigel can be procured in seven designs, six colours and in 17 different formats. Its surface is made of high quality safety glass that can be written on with the appropriate accessories, again and again. This practical wall board is also magnetic so that handwritten notes can be attached to it. The Sigel Glass magnet board was awarded for its exceptional 3D looks and its unique functionality at the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2013.

Magnetic Glass Board artverum from Sigel


Keeping things in place made easy

So that your concentration does not suffer due to chaotic surroundings, even small things, that you require often, must have a permanent place where they are kept. While doing this, it is self-evident that your clock, calendar, calculator and similar items are always kept within easy reach on your desk. If these accessories are of the same colour, you can avoid exerting your eyes additionally. The office set from Lexon makes your everyday office life in your home office much easier. It consists of a calculator, card reader, clock, stapler, calendar, punch, magnifying glass and adhesive tape dispenser. All these accessories are made of plastic and have the same height and width so that they can be placed in a row and are always properly aligned. You can procure this wonderful set made by the French manufacturer, Lexon, online here.

Office set from Lexon


A set of pens with style and elegance

Aside from your personal outfit that the person opposite you notices first, the appearance of your accessories also plays an important role. If you are preparing for an official visitor from outside at your home office, it is advisable to have a briefcase with a few exclusive pens, which look really good, close at hand. Red Dot 21 would like to introduce you to a series of pens, with which you will certainly make a great impression.
The Initium Metallum series of writing instruments from Staedtler Premium are characterised by their first class quality. They include fountain pens, rollerball pens, ball-point pens and propelling pencils that are made of high quality, naturally anodised aluminium. All the instruments lie well and firmly in your hand due to their hand-brushed surface and they have matt chrome plated metallic clips. The fountain pen has a stainless steel nib. In the case that you should not like to retain them for your own use at your home office, but would like to use them as classy presents, then the Initium Metallum products are just perfect to be engraved with a small personal message.

Initium Metallum from Staedtler


Configure your desk tastefully and functionally

Nowadays, it is no more the files and the books that make the modern desk overflow but even contemporary work items require space. One who does not want to lose the overview of the desk in spite of one’s tablet, smartphone and additional items must acquire a modern desktop series of accessories that also integrates a desk lamp. Red Dot 21 recommends the Leitz Style Desktop Series to you.

These classic desk accessories comprise a trendy letter tray and a modern pen holder. Aside from those, the modern set also has USB chargers, stands for your smartphone and tablet and a unique LED desk lamp. All the products are made of durable zinc combined with innovative plastics and have a surface of brushed metal. The desk lamp, which is the centrepiece of the series, can be manually adjusted for positioning the light and can also be regulated for the light intensity by means of an app on your smartphone. Here, you can select between warm and cold shades of white and you can also define the brightness of the light. The fantastic Leitz Style Desktop Series is available in five colours.

Leitz Style Desktop Series


Writing instruments made of stainless steel – purist but deluxe

The most important characteristic of a pen or a fountain pen is that it should lie optimally in your hand and should write without you having to press down too hard. Ornamentation is unnecessary for this and the weight of the writing instrument should be such that it is not too light or too heavy. If you are looking to equip your home office with a modern look and which integrates all these characteristics ideally and, in spite of that, scores with an elegant design, then the 2000 metal series from Lamy is just right for you.

The Lamy 2000 metal was awarded at the Red Dot Design Award in 2013. The fountain pen as well as the ball-point pen, the rollerball pen and the rotating pencil are ergonomically designed. They are made of solid, satiny-matt, polished stainless steel and the clip is spring-mounted. The fountain pen appeals, in particular, through its platinum-finished gold nib. Beautify your workplace at home with this functional and, at the same time, stylish pen set from Lamy.

Series Lamy 2000 metal


Many more xcellent products for your home office can be found in our category office.

Posted on 21.08.2017

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