The ideal equipment for camping trip

The ideal equipment for camping trip

Camping does not just mean freedom, but even self-sufficiency. Packing a tent and a sleeping bag along with some food and drinks is barely enough. For you to feel completely at home or even a little at home, there are various wilderness essentials that come in handy for all sorts of activities in nature and for meals on the go.

So that you can be well-prepared for camping at the best time of the year, we have put together a neat list of great pointers that will totally help you be in vogue as you go camping.


Find a weather-proof tent and a comfortable sleeping bag

Are you going camping with a caravan? If yes, you have to prepare differently than on a tent vacation, where you completely depend on sleeping bag and tent. In which case, these two products are the most important paraphernalia for your relaxing holiday in the great outdoors. Different variants of tents cater to different needs. It mainly depends on the region and above all on the number of fellow campers. A wintry mountain landscape calls for more robust tents than that of a holiday in the warm south, for instance. The camping tent should provide enough space for fellow campers. A canopy offers the advantage of additional space, and literally puts roof over your head even in bad weather. The tent should be light-weight, so that it can be easily transported and assembled. The same holds true for sleeping bags – the lighter they are, the better they can be transported and stowed away. The high-tech material used for manufacturing tents and sleeping bags is mostly very innovative and is usually breathable, weather-resistant and very light.


We recommend

Nordisk Lofoten 1 ULW Tent

  1. the double-wall one-man tent Lofoten 1 ULW from Nordisk with the smallest pack size in the world or the three-person tent Oppland 3 LW, which weighs less than 2 kilograms
  2. the Lite Cot from Helinox, whith a total weight of only 1.3 kilograms and a compact folding size, makes it space-saving and fits in every backpack
  3. and the ultra-light and breathable Fever Zero sleeping bag with the finest downy feather and water-repellent fabric. For more product information, read the product story Fever Zero – lightweight sleeping bag


Useful accessories for camping

As you start thinking about a comfortable place to sleep, you should also consider what additional accessories you might need for camping. If you plan to travel in a large caravan, you have the advantage of plenty of room and can take many useful things from home. If you plan to travel in a car, it may be a good idea to limit your accessories to the absolute essentials.


Camping table and chairs

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a small practicable camping table and chairs, may be by Helinox, as you sit together with everyone in your leisure time? Helinox is one of the leading manufacturers of lightweight outdoor equipment that has been awarded several distinctions for its innovative products.

Camping trip equipment Table one
Table One

Camping trip equipment Swivel chair

Swivel Chair


Crockery – separate or as a complete set

We recommend considering crockery and cutlery that you either bring from home or buy specially for camping to avoid eating with your fingers. For the sake of the environment, you should refrain from using and throwing plastic utensils. Appropriate camping crockery is available in different sizes and price ranges, depending on whether you only need plates, glasses, cups or cutlery or whether it should be a complete set of pots and pans. A solid pocket knife is an absolute must-have in the camping equipment list. It can be used universally, whether you need it for opening cans or for sawing wood.

Camping trip equipment Crockery

Crockery set*

Crockery Gobites Duo 2

Crockery GoBites Duo


The cookbook for the camping trip

The cookbook for the camping trip

The book “The Great Outdoors” written by Markus Sämmer and published by Neuer Umschau Buchverlag makes for an amazing read, if you want to know more about camping and meals on the go. The trained chef and outdoor-specialist has authored 120 healthy and uncomplicated outdoor-recipes in his book that are worth giving a shot.

The Great Outdoors*


Headlamp and binoculars for good viewability at any time of the day

It is advisable to always keep a pocket/head torch handy to enjoy good views amidst vast nature on your camping trip – be it any time of day, even at night. The paths leading to a campsite are usually well-lit, but there are many dark corners. Especially in the tent you need your own source of light. On the excursions during the day, however, it is advisable to take a pair of binoculars, with which you can spot and observe the animals in nature. These things will help to make your camping holiday a real experience.

Camping trip equipment ion

Headlamp Ion

Camping trip equipment Binocular Prostaff

Binocular Prostaff


If you want to read more about camping, we recommend the article Motorhomes and Caravans as well as From camping to glamping. For more high-quality outdoor products, feel free to browse through our Outdoor category.

Posted on 10.04.2018

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