Environmental protection and design

Sustainability defined

Sustainability means using resources sparingly and taking care to maintain the natural regeneration properties of an ecosystem. Resources include not only the materials used in manufacturing, but also those used for transport or packaging. At the same time, the environment is itself part of a sustainable production concept. This means ensuring that the local environment is not polluted by manufacturing operations, and also developing a system that is of benefit to the regional social structure – for example by supporting the local labour market.

The aim of working in a sustainable manner is to take on the ecological, social and economic responsibility to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities to lead the same type of fulfilled that we do.

Design and sustainability

Design has always led the way when it comes to product development. Through carefully planned design and well thought-through suggestions for implementation, designers all over the world can have a significant influence on which products reach the market and whether they meet the criteria of sustainable design; because the early stages of design not only focus on ease of use, function and aesthetics, but largely also determine material consumption, recyclability, durability and biodegradability of the materials used.

For this reason, it is also the duty of designer to create designs that are ecologically, socially and economically viable. Sustainability has long been one of the criteria used by the Red Dot Awards jurors to evaluate a design product.

Sustainable design products on Red Dot 21

You will find an exclusive range of design products that have won the Red Dot on Red Dot 21. Among them are many products whose sustainability-focused design concept attracted the attention of the Red Dot Jury.

One of these products is the DropBucket waste-disposal container which was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best in 2015. The waste-disposal container, designed by Danish duo Berggreen und Nolsøe, is made exclusively of environmentally-friendly, recycled cardboard. Its special way of folding saves space during transport and makes it very easy to put together.

Have a browse through the Red Dot 21 website and discover many more sustainable design products that will delight you. By choosing them, you actively support a responsible attitude to the environment.

We hope you will enjoy our many sustainable design products!

Ihr Red Dot 21 Team

Posted on 07.09.2015

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