DIY like the professionals – the right basic equipment makes it possible

DIY like the professionals – the right basic equipment makes it possible

Every handyman has an answer to why the trend to professional DIY has been growing since the 1940s. For some, using a drill is fun; for others, getting involved in DIY maybe has more to do with saving money. Those with an artistic bent can indulge their creative urges and improve their homes at the same time.

The right equipment is essential if all this hammering, boring and screw fixing is to be successful. You can only expect to really improve the living quality of your home if you’ve got the correct set of tools for the job. This doesn’t just mean electric drills etc., but also the, good old-fashioned basics such as hammers.


Hammer in nails, bore holes and tighten screws effortlessly

Even with a drill, it can be tough work to bore a hole into hard material and your muscles soon get tired. What is actually a simple task can turn into a disaster. The typical mistakes of a beginner such as a drill bit that has not be correctly attached can make the drill slip dangerously; or a hole frays at the edges because you’ve become tired and have turned off the tool before the drill bit has been fully removed from the hole. For that reason, Red Dot 21 has looked for a machine that will bore, hammer and tighten screws without much effort.

The cordless rotary hammer, Uneo, from Bosch is a 3-in-1 powerhouse. Its pneumatic hammer mechanism, powerful motor and the two-speed gearbox ensure optimal use and transfer of power. A simple switch makes conversion from a normal drill or screwdriver to a hammer drill child’s play. Its size and light weight (only 1.2 kilos) make the Uneo very easy to use in places it is difficult to get to.

Cordless rotary hammer Uneo from Bosch


Multitools – the all-rounders for DIY

A multitool that offers a range of uses in one piece of equipment and does not take much storage space, is designed to be used in a variety of situations. It has the big advantage of letting DIY fans carry out small, quick repairs without having to search through a complete toolbox for the right tool. As the ideal all-round tool, Red Dot recommends the Leatherman Skeletool RX.

The Leatherman pocket tool is equipped with needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, hard-wire cutters, a 154CM serrated knife blade, a carabiner and a bit driver. It comes with three extra screwdriver bits and a glass breaker. The Skeletool RX stands out because of its very robust material, great practical value and purist design form. That is also why it won the Red Dot Award 2017. This multitool should not only be part of your basic set of tools at home, but is also a useful companion when you are out and about.

Leatherman Skeletool RX


A screwdriver that a lot to offer

Nothing is more annoying for a handyman than having to search through a toolbox full of screwdrivers for the one he needs. After all, there are not only screws of different sizes, but they also come with different types of heads. To be prepared for every eventuality, DIY fans need to have a whole range of screwdrivers. Having so many tools however not only takes up a lot of space, but they are also heavy to carry around, when you need to move them to where the work is taking place.

Red Dot 21 has solved this problem for you and would like to present the Liftup 26one screwdriver with bit magazine holder by Wiha. Just press a button to make the magazine in the Liftup 26one’s handle pop out to reveal 12 commonly used double bits. A further double bit is to be found in the bit holder. As a result, a single tool allows you loosen or tighten 26 different types of screw. The large, ergonomically shaped Wiha SoftFinish handle makes for optimal torque and therefore ensures easy handling that won’t damage your health.



Bit holder LiftUp 26one from Wiha


A hammer that doesn’t strain your wrist

One of mankind’s oldest tools should be part of every DIY fan’s standard set of tools: the hammer. Apart from hitting in nails, it may also be used to shape metal or to help take things down. The Finnish toolmaker Fiskars make a particularly user-friendly one.

The tools from Fiskars’ new hardware range have an ergonomically contoured handle. They are extremely robust. Furthermore, Fiskars’ specially developed vibration-reduction system absorbs the impact felt by the wrist by up to 70 per cent, which allows you to work comfortably for longer. The patented Fiskars hammer is available here.

Fiskars Hardware


Store tools safely and transport them easily

Over the years, most dedicated handymen will have collected a large number of different tools to help them hammer, bore and fix screws. What initially fits into a drawer somewhere rapidly expands to require its own special storage place. Red Dot 21 can particularly recommend the Stanley 19” metal toolbox which is not only good for storing tools, but also makes for easy transportation.

The 19-inch metal toolbox by Stanley is made of durable steel and can stand up to a few knocks. The quick-release lock latch can easily be operated with one hand. The toolbox has a large organiser compartment and two drawers, set on ball bearings to they can be pulled out smoothly. The wide handle ensures secure transportation.

STANLEY 19” Metal Toolbox

Many other tools, measuring devices and storage products as well as the right protective apparel for professional home improvement can be found in our category DIY.

Posted on 04.09.2017

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