Digital books in the E-book reader: purchase criteria

Digital books in the E-book reader: purchase criteria

Digital books are modern art of today, mobile for reading. Instead of a book made of paper, the reader grabs hold of the light and handy E-book reader to select from a very large number of titles. Whether they are classics or works of contemporary bestseller authors, whether scientific texts or pearls from artists who are unknown to date, books in digital form are available to suit every taste.

Technology: Which reader is the right one for me?

The variety of suitable devices is also large. When one considers the most popular size of six inches, either with or without HD display and/or a touchscreen and also with the most varied illumination concepts, there are many available to suit every requirement and with the desired mobile library.

Do you like to read in the bathtub or in the pool? A water-resistant reader can make that possible. Are you a fan of a particular font? Then select a device with which you can select the font that you personally like. Most devices also have a sophisticated illumination system that allows you to read the content even under unfavourable lighting conditions, for example, in direct sunlight, in a way that is easy on the eyes. Whoever, in spite of all the above, still cannot seem to let go of the paper specimen, but still wants the real feel of reading, can choose a device with gesture control. With this, turning the page takes place in much the same way as in the case of a book. For people who have special requirements for the readability of letters in digital documents too, there is a large selection of devices with extra-large font sizes and the highest contrast settings, as well.

A further point to be considered is the availability of reading material, i.e. which file formats are supported and how many titles are actually available for a particular device. Am I tied to a particular platform through my purchase or can I take my virtual library to another provider when I decide to change? Prior to the purchase, it is also important to decide which type of reader you really are and where you want your electronic books to accompany you to. If you have now been inspired to try out mobile reading, then our selection of three E-book readers with their matching protective covers will provide you with a preliminary insight into the opportunities available in the world of digital reading.

Inkbook – Style meets ergonomics

The Inkbook weighs just 168 grams and is an attractively designed E-book reader with the latest technological features and an extremely stylish housing. Its rear side reminds you of an open book and is characterised by gentle lines whose shape is oriented on the human hand. Through this, your fingers can grip it better and that makes handling it much easier.

The Inkbook is an android device and that makes it easy for you to use apps from third-party providers without being bound down to a single platform. Its technical features include a high resolution 6 inch display with HD resolution as well as adjustable screen illumination that is generated by eight LEDs and which makes reading in every situation a pleasure. Thanks to the new “Rapid Refresh” technology, turning the page is executed without any delay, which allows you to have a very comfortable and familiar reading experience. Navigating through the text via the touch display is surprisingly easy, because the intuitive gesture control reminds you of the traditional way of turning the page of a paper book. A special feature of the Inkbook is an Open Dyslexia Font for dyslexics and also a special mode with extra high contrast that supports readers who have poor eyesight.
Inkbook E-book reader
Inkbook E-book reader


A slim protective cover in obsidian is available that complements the Inkbook. It protects the device from the effects of the environment and simultaneously gives it a good look as a chic accessory. The cover, which is made of premium quality materials feels good in your hands and satisfies you through its magnetic closure which is really easy to use.

Inkbook protection cover*


tolino vision 4HD – Comfortable lighting wonder

The tolino vision 4HD is a 6 inch E-book reader with integrated WLAN and a micro-USB connection. It will appeal to the person who reads a lot, through its exceptionally quality conscious design. Its HD display with 300 ppi (pixels per inch) gives you a perfect style for the type face, while the illumination with its blue light filter, adjusts the colour temperature of the reading light to suit ambient light. In this way, in the morning, you get cold, white light which changes to a warm, white light in the evening. Independent of that, the smartLight illumination can be set to your individual preference or can be completely switched off. Through this feature, this E-book reader is extremely friendly on the eyes and gives you an authentic feel while reading. Another special feature of the tolino vision 4 HD is its integrated protection against water ingress: The device can be left in fresh water up to a depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes; through this feature, it is not a problem if it falls into water by accident.

Operating it is also extremely easy thanks to the tap2flip function. Through this, the reader can turn the page comfortably with one hand by simply tapping the rear of the device. Aside from that, fonts, line spacing and several other adjustments can be made to suit your own personal taste; an integrated dictionary completes the comprehensive offering of features.
tolino vision 4HD E-book readertolino vision 4HD E-book reader


In order to protect your tolino vision 4HD when it is in use, it is recommended that you also procure the ultra-thin protective cover made of durable synthetic leather with a soft inner lining. It is extremely light and hardly adds to the total weight of your tolino. In addition to that, the device is automatically switched out of sleep mode as soon as you fold the cover open and it goes back into sleep mode when it is closed.

tolino vision 4HD protective cover*


Kindle Paperwhite – The independent E-book reader for bibliophiles

With the Kindle Paperwhite, you are always online, thanks to WLAN and the optional, free of cost 3G. Through this, you can call up new content everywhere. More than 3 million E-books are available as reading material including the latest bestsellers. A long battery life of up to six weeks makes the Kindle Paperwhite your ideal travel partner. Further, it offers you a real “book experience” as you can comfortably add notes while reading and also export these to your computer. In addition, the “PaperFlip” function allows you to skip to another chapter easily and then to return to the place at which you were originally reading. As a bonus feature, the Kindle Paperwhite also tells you the time that you will require to read the current chapter to the end.

Kindle Paperwhite E-book reader*


While doing all this, the Kindle Paperwhite still remains what it is intended for. You will not be distracted by e-mails and, thanks to the non-reflective 6 inch HD display and the adjustable front light, you will also always have the optimal reading condition under all kinds of lighting conditions.

In order to be able to handle and to keep your Kindle safe, a cover made of real leather with a magnetic closure is recommended. This perfect add-on does not require hold-in-place elastic loops and is available in six colours which will certainly meet everyone’s particular taste.

Kindle Paperwhite protective cover*

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Posted on 14.08.2017

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