Designer rain fashion and style hints for discerning customers

Designer rain fashion and style hints for discerning customers

And unless you want to plod around in yellow oilskins every day, you can set yourself apart from the mainstream with tasteful designer rain fashion and trendy accesories for rainy weather.


An umbrella – a chic and practical accessory

If you want to be ready for every eventuality even in changeable weather, you should always carry an umbrella with you when you are out and about. This practical accessory not only keeps you dry but is also suited to adding a splash of fresh colour to muted autumn clothing. But even if you like a puristic and elegant style, chic rain protection can make a stylish addition to your classy outfit.

The portable “rain cover on a handle” then becomes a real fashion statement. At the end of the day, there is a huge variety of umbrellas on offer. The XXL size is big enough for two. An umbrella with an artistic print bears testimony to the user’s style and elegance. A colourful umbrella brings colour to a rainy, grey day, while an umbrella with an unusual shape is an extravagant eye-catcher. Do you want to be on-trend with your designer rain fashion and complement your stylish clothing with an attractive yet functional accessory? If so, you are sure to find what you want amongst the following products:

The tasteful BMW Iconic automatic umbrella in black with its ‘kidney grille’ design fits perfectly into the BMW Lifestyle collection. Its straight-lined, elegant handle is partially covered with leather, while the wind-resistant frame is made from fibreglass. When travelling, the exclusive designer umbrella can be stored in its polyester cover, which also bears the BMW logo in jacquard technique.

With its chic grey colour, the reflective umbrella from Suck UK is the perfect addition to your autumn outfit. However, the extravagant designer rain fashion for rainy weather not only keeps off the rain but also keeps you safer in traffic, as the umbrella is made from a heavily reflective material and illuminates at night as soon as a light shines on it. It goes without saying that the hi-reflective umbrella is windproof, sturdy and top quality.

If you not only want to get home looking stylish, elegant and dry on rainy autumn days, but also want to keep your bag or case safe from water marks, you should consider the Fare-Exzenter Mini umbrella. Because its chrome-plated steel handle is toward the side rather than in the centre, this umbrella allows users to keep themselves and their bags safe under the rainproof cover. The designer umbrella will also win you over with its simple and easy handling, a high-quality windproof system and an attractive design.


Designer rain fashion: from a snazzy trench coat to trendy overshoes

If the forecast is for non-stop rain or you have to be outside in the wind and weather, we recommend using rainproof clothing. Parka jackets, hardshell jackets and raincoats for men and women keep your body dry regardless of what direction the wind is blowing. But even a waterproof outfit can be designed in an attractive and exclusive way. If you want to look good despite wearing rain gear, go for designer fashion for rainy weather. Extravagant wellington boots or unusual overshoes keep your feet dry without compromising your fashionable look:

The ladies raincoat from Ilse Jacobsen* is not only feminine and chic, but also provides protection from miserable weather thanks to its double-stitched seams and a coated outer membrane. For a better fit, the sleeve width can be adjusted using a snap fastener. A two-way zipper and the removable hood increases the functionality of the extravagant designer raincoat for women.

Poor weather in the autumn does not necessarily have to lead to a cold, as the lightly filled Hilfiger Denim men’s coat* will keep you warm in the wind and rain. The chic, blue jacket for between seasons has a zip fastening, a quilted lapel collar, two outside pockets that can also be zipped closed and an inside pocket.

If you thought that wellies should only be used in the garden, then think again: The flattering Tommy Hilfiger men’s wellington boots* are comfortable to wear and look similar to elegant men’s ankle boots. Because the outer material and sole are made from rubber, the boots prevent rain water from getting in and are ideal for keeping your feet dry when taking a walk in bad weather conditions.

The Tommy Hilfiger ladies boots* have a graceful and streamlined appearance, and their PVC outer material keeps out the rain even in longer-lasting rain showers. The designer rubber boots for women are fitted with a long zipper on the shaft. Their shaft height is 38 cm, with a small heel of 2.5 cm.

And for all those who still want to do without wellington boots, there is a nice alternative for not getting your favourite shoes ruined on wet autumn days: The Swedish company Fred and Matt has developed trendy, waterproof yet comfortable overshoes that cover the entire shoe. They are stretchable, breathable and waterproof and can be closed up quickly and easily using a zipper. Despite top-class functionality, the low-maintenance Fred and Matt overshoes are a true eye-catcher and can compete with any modern sneaker in terms of their fresh design.


We hope that you can put together a stylish outfit from the products presented here and wish you a fashionable autumn without any cold or flu. If you haven’t yet found exactly what you want here, just browse a little at Red Dot 21. You are sure to stumble on one or two pretty pieces of designer clothing in the jackets and shoes categories in the apparel section.

Posted on 16.11.2017

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