Designer luggage for your next trip

Designer luggage for your next trip

When you have a forthcoming trip, it’s important to start looking for a decent suitcase, a travel bag, or a backpack well in advance. You have already stowed away a suitcase in the cellar? That’s great, but have you paused to check if the bag is suitable for the upcoming trip? It depends a great deal on the duration scheduled and the purpose of your trip. You should therefore have a clear picture beforehand and take account of how many and especially what you wish to carry from home and what you genuinely need. Only then can you buy the right kind of luggage, which was designed with great attention to detail.


Sufficient space in trendy carry-on baggage

With the standard suitcase, you are conventionally allowed to carry one item of carry-on baggage on the plane. The weight and size specifications for this differ from airline to airline. The extra carry-on baggage can also be used as a substitute for the otherwise larger suitcase, if you are not travelling for a longer period and want to save some money. The low-cost airlines often offer cheaper rates, if you are travelling with just the carry-on luggage. Not only can you save a lot of money, but kilos as well. This will probably work best when you travel to warm climes, plan a shorter stay or go on a business trip over a long weekend.


With the Lite Bizz designer suitcase by Samsonite, you have a practical luggage item in your hand that also makes for a fashionable travel accessory. The Lite Bizz is made with the revolutionary Curv®-technology, which uses a particularly robust and lightweight material. Curv® features high energy absorption and excellent shock resistance. You can also travel to the USA with the Lite Bizz thanks to its recessed combination lock with TSA function. The handle with double bars easily adapts to your body size, facilitating easy carriage. The Lite Bizz is available in the demure colours – Eclipse Grey and Black.

Designer luggage Lite Bizz
Lite Bizz 


If you want to bring some dash of colour into the game, we would like to recommend the suitcase Lock’n’Roll of American Tourister by Samsonite in a cool dice design, which is available in lighter colours. As resilient as the Lite Bizz, it features a three-point lock with TSA function and smooth sliding double wheels. It wins you over with its low tare weight that allows for maximum packing volume. The Lock’n’Roll is also available in a practical intermediate size of 69 cm and as a suitcase variant of 75 cm.

Designer luggage Lock’n’Roll


Lightweight designer suitcase in metallic look

Gone are the days of heavy suitcases! Say hello to lightweight suitcases made from innovative materials such as polycarbonate that make traveling a bit more comfortable. This modern designer luggage is also appealing in terms of shape and colour. It is not only a head-turner in terms of style, but also a relief, when you are looking for your suitcase at the baggage claim. If you choose a bold look, your bag will stand out against the greys and blacks that have been doing rounds predominantly up until now.


The lightweight hard shell range Neopulse by Samsonite leaves an impression with its stylish design and optimal functionality. The spinner is available in different capacities of 94 and 124 litres. The carry-on version of the Neopulse series accommodates 38 litres. The sturdy plastic makes the practical wheeled suitcase for a reliable travel companion that defies heavy blows and traces of wear.

Designer luggage Neopulse


Discreetly designed laptop backpack

Be it a business trip or a classic vacation, you should ensure effective protection for your technical equipment and make provisions for a laptop backpack. The practical thing about it is that you can store your mobile phone and tablet as well as the cables and chargers in it. So you can always have everything in its proper place and immediately within reach, if you need to access your data quickly. And at the security checkpoints at the airport, you do not have to search long for the devices you need to unpack anyway. And with its particularly robust inner compartments with protective walls, you can be sure that the devices will survive the journey undamaged.


Victorinox’s Almont Professional Compact Laptop Backpack, with its sleek and elegant exterior, is the perfect business companion for your journeys. In addition to the sturdy inside pockets, the Almont Professional also offers straps and attachments for keys, valuables, purses and other smaller equipment.

Designer luggage Altmont Professional Compact
Altmont Professional Compact


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Posted on 08.06.2018

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