Designer lamps from luxuni

Designer lamps from luxuni

And there was light: When you move into a new home, the question of suitable lighting for the different rooms soon arises. While it’s good to have bright light in the kitchen, more subtle lighting is better in rooms used to relax in. But which lights are the right ones for which room, and which lights do you like best? Fortunately, the offering includes a range of lamps and lights for all different tastes. They all bring light to the darkness, but differ in many other regards.

Which designer lamps fits best for you?

Probably, the designer lamps that fit best are the one that win you over with their appearance and the way they reflect the light. In an era of sustainable environmentally friendly solutions, however, it is also worth looking at the innovative light concepts created to save electricity. If you are interested in including this aspect when deciding on a type of light, pay particular attention to the energy consumption information when purchasing. The different types of lights vary not only in terms of their shape, colour and materials used for their manufacture, but also with regard to their diverse functions, which can be exploited to the full even at low energy consumption. But the main thing to consider is the purpose of the light and where it can be placed in the room. The decision of what lamp to choose is not made any easier by the numerous types available, which include suspended and surface-mounted lamps, ceiling and wall spotlights, decorative designer lights and many more. Another factor to consider is that the lamps you choose will often not be suitable for every room. To avoid getting lost in the wide range of items on offer, take some time in advance to think about what style fits best in your beloved home and what function you want the light to perform. You can read more in our Lamp guide.

What about a nice designer lamp?

Designer lamps don’t always have to be visually striking. On the contrary, they can also be extremely minimalist and elegant. A good example is the revolutionary lamp design from luxuni. This German company develops and designs the lamps itself – it’s a one-stop shop for the design, development and production. The result is special, design-oriented, beautiful and functional lighting concepts. Take for example the pendant luminaire SimiLED: It has a round shape and is thin as a sheet of paper. As a result, it saves not only space but also energy, with additional dimmer settings.

Pendant luminaire SimiLED
By contrast, the pendant luminaire Shift from luxuni features an elongated shape and a matt anodised surface. It has a simple and timeless appearance, although it fits perfectly in a modern setting. You can choose to switch on individual lights or several at the same time, which together form the light pattern of a square or hexagon. The beautifully designed Shift from luxuni won a Red Dot Award in 2013.

Pendant luminaire Shift

The LED wall lamps from luxuni also demonstrate how attractive and understated innovative lamp design can be. The LED surface-mounted luminaire Julia won a Red Dot two years later, in 2015, and could easily be mistaken for the little sister of the SimiLED. Its round body is also designed to be flat, and its mere 15 W power consumption makes it an excellent example of a sustainable lamp.

LED surface-mounted luminaire Julia

Posted on 30.06.2017

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