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There has been a lot of change in the field of artificial lighting in recent years. Lights have become more energy saving and more environmentally friendly, and at the same time it has become possible to influence the light quality in a targeted manner. Nevertheless lamp design has lagged behind technical progress in many cases. Classic pendant lamps and ceiling lights still dominate the scene, while materials and shapes have not changed much in recent decades. However, modern technologies open up a large number of design possibilities that new and innovative designer lights use in order to implement entirely new lighting concepts.

As a result, the traditional concept of a spot light source, generally fixed in the middle of the room, can be replaced by energy-saving yet powerful light sources. The STRAPLED Advanced lighting system from KIRRON light components is an excellent example of how innovative light design can brighten up your living space: The LED lights are attached to a cable that can be installed creatively in the room using a clever cable suspension system. The supporting cable can be installed in virtually any position, making both direct and indirect lighting solutions possible without a great deal of effort. The innovative lighting system distributes the light evenly throughout the room, providing a pleasant level of brightness.

Treading new paths

There’s no doubt that innovative light sources offer many advantages. Unlike the traditional light bulb, they are often more environmentally friendly and energy saving, with high efficiency and a low development of heat. But not everyone is a fan of these modern light sources – some people miss the warm familiar light and typical pear shape of a light bulb. The vosLED light bulb from vosla, which has won a Red Dot: Best of the Best for its excellent design, offers an unusual design solution in this respect. This innovative light source transports the old idea of a light bulb into the present day and combines the traditional light bulb with the benefits of modern technology.

The inside of vosLED contains dozens of micro LEDs in a row, which thus imitate the filament of a light bulb. The light emitted appears soft, warm and pleasant, just like the original from Edison, but boasts the low energy consumption and minimal heat radiation of a modern LED light. This means that vosLED can be installed both in traditional and in modern lighting concepts. This innovative light has succeeded in marrying a time-honoured appearance and modern technology through good design.

The magic of candlelight

Despite the advantages offered by innovative modern lighting concepts, we have to admit that the magic of a flame can never be replaced by artificial light sources. The flickering flame gives warmth and comfort, creating a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. That’s why candles are hugely popular especially at the darker time of year. But candles are not entirely risk-free: The fire service regularly attends to fires started by candles. Here too though, good design offers solutions that reduce the risk of fire, allowing you to enjoy the comforting candlelight carefree.

The tealight holder Mood Flame from Royal VKB is a particularly tasteful solution. It’s similar to a classic table lamp with a lampshade, but Mood Flame provides the pleasant light of a candle. Its brightly coloured design creates an atmospheric mood. The rather unusual shape for a tealight holder ensures that the flame has optimum protection. Even if Mood Flame wobbles and topples over, the fire risk is low, as the material used is fireproof and heat-resistant silicone.

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Regardless of whether you are looking for cosy lighting for the evening-time or bright light for working, for direct or indirect light, for traditional lamps or innovative lighting concepts: On Red Dot 21, you can discover designer products that will brighten up your home. Delve into the radiant world of lighting and shed some light on the autumn!

We wish you a bright and beautiful autumn!

Posted on 31.10.2015

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