Design for more joy at work

What truly stresses us

Work and stress are two words that for many people are closely linked. But the fact that work is part of our daily lives is not something negative. On the contrary, humans ultimately need work not only to earn money for our leisure time but also to prove ourselves, to get confirmation, to work our bodies and our minds, to confirm our identity, to find our role in the community and much more. Work also has a strong social effect: it is where we meet new people who open us up to new perspectives on the world. In many cases, colleagues become friends, as it is much easier to resolve a crisis when working together.

It is often not the work itself but the surroundings that get under our skin. From the computer that crashes just when we have forgotten to save our work to the uncomfortable office chair that gives us back-pain, the stuffy office or the coffee that has gone cold when we need it most. The good news is that all of these little annoyances can be remedied without a great deal of effort! This is because good design is perfect for making our everyday work more pleasant and putting more joy into your work.

Putting an end to little annoyances

It is true that even the most sophisticated design cannot finish projects for you. But it can go a long way in making your work seem easier. Nowadays everyone seems to be using tablets, for example, and the Boomerang Kit from XVIDA can quickly make the days of being hunched uncomfortably over a tablet for a longer period of time a thing of the past. The practical stand allows for unique ease of use, which is based on a versatile fastening concept that makes it possible to use the table comfortably and securely in a huge variety of different positions and situations.

Even on a small scale, design can work wonders in saving us time and hassle. Small everyday helpers from the hands of renowned designers are ideal for overcoming our pet peeves and making our work more effective. The simple principle of the Cord Wrap from the shop category Everyday Helpers for example ensures that you no longer have to get worked up about messy cables in the office. Instead of wasting time untangling cables, you can focus entirely on your work.

Put a little colour in your everyday working life

Even when everything goes to plan, we can still get stressed about our daily work from time to time. If there is one thing that helps above all others in such cases, it’s a change of routine! If you can, it is often helpful to stand up and walk around a little. Switching between different tasks can also help to avoid frustration. But sometimes that is easier said than done, because if a project needs to get finished there is often not much time for mixing up the routine. Thankfully, we have another trick up our sleeve: colour! Some colour can brighten the mood and give your spirits exactly the lift you need to escape the drab grey of everyday and carry on with your work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

For example, coffee tastes much better from the Contigo Morgan insulated mug from Kambukka, partly because the cheery and colourful design will put you in a good mood and partly because the liquid contents stay warm for an extra-long time thanks to the double-walled construction, thus keeping you supplied with hot coffee even in longer meetings and on tiring working days.

Just browse a little in our Offices category and discover lots of other clever design products that simply make work nicer and brighten up your day-to-day work, perfectly banishing your bugbears from the office.

We wish you lots of fun at work!


Posted on 20.04.2015

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