Design-filled days off for those staying at home

Enjoy yourself in your own home!

Who says you need to go away in order to have a nice holiday? After all, you can also have a really pleasant time at home! For example, you can transform your home into your own personal vacation destination. But of course you shouldn’t sacrifice your entire vacation for tiring renovating work, as often it is the small things that can turn a living room into a place of calm or a garden into an oasis of relaxation. Cleverly arranged home accessories transform the mood of a room in an instant: For example, the innovative Sky Planter plant container from Boskke with its sophisticated design creates a low-maintenance jungle in your home with surprising hanging plants – but of course without the sticky jungle air and the bothersome mosquito bites!

“But I can’t relax at home!”, you might say. After all, you have to cook, clean, wash dishes, etc., etc. But don’t worry, because that’s only partly true. Just because there’s no room service at home and no-one to put together a buffet breakfast for you, that doesn’t mean you have to do without the luxury of a (virtually) housework-free time. Let’s be honest, generally you would go out to eat when on holiday, wouldn’t you? So why should you deny yourself this luxury when you spend your holiday at home? Lots of bakeries and cafés provide delicious breakfast buffets, and dinner is also sure to taste fantastic in a pretty little restaurant in the centre of town. It means you don’t have to shop for groceries, prepare food or wash up afterwards – leaving you more time to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing vacation! For the few jobs you do have to do, luckily there are clever kitchen accessories & household items that are sure to make the task at hand much simpler. As a result, you can enjoy the sweet pleasure of doing nothing and being good to yourself even at home.

Discover your surroundings

Every year at holiday time, you discover fascinating cities, beaches and landscapes around the world. But how well do you actually know the place you call home? Many people are so busy always discovering new and far-flung lands that they completely forget to notice the beauty on their own doorstep. How about a cycle to the nearest lake? You can have a lovely relaxing time there with a good book, a refreshing swim or simply by enjoying the fresh air and the mild weather.

And even if you are looking for a more challenging schedule, you are sure to find something suitable nearby. Lots of museums are now laid out in such a vibrant and appealing way that visiting them is a truly enjoyable experience and sure to provide you with lots of new ideas and inspiration. The best example of this is the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen: Fascinating exhibitions invite you into a wonderful world full of design and creativity, while showing you the beauty of day-to-day life as well as futuristic creations and surprising possibilities. You are certain to remember your trip to the Red Dot Design Museum for a very long time. As it happens, you can buy vouchers for the Red Dot Design Museum in our Red Dot Shop!

Always close to design with the Red Dot Design App

Ready for even more? No problem! With the free Red Dot Design App, you always have the whole world of design with you on your smartphone. The app is a simple way to find design museums, fairs and events as well as design shops and showrooms near you – and everywhere else in the world. It provides insider tips from international design professionals and well thought-out designer routes through areas that are worth seeing and that will really make you want to take a short trip. The design routes are now available for lots of cities around the world, including Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Mexico City and Sydney, and new cities are being added all the time. Just use the Red Dot Design App to find the great design locations near you and immerse yourself in the beauty of good design!

We hope you have lots of design-related fun on your holiday!

Posted on 25.05.2015

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