Design bicycles – trends 2018

Design bicycles – trends 2018

We have taken great care in compiling everything right from bicycles created in 3D printing via well-engineered technology of e-bikes to the flyweight bikes. The fashionable bicycles are more popular than ever and are seen winning their former glory back. They were considered to be a status symbol of the upper class back in the 19th century. Over the years, they evolved into being a cost-efficient mass-product that was used as a mere means of transport. These days the bicycles are not just expected to be practical, rather also easy on the eyes. The advancing technology and the diverse ideas of the bicycle designers help the bicycles regain their original grandeur as a status symbol.


From bicycles in retro design to modern e-bikes

Ikea Sladda

There is a host of options from the classic retro-style bicycle reminiscent of 1960s bicycles, to the modern motor-operated e-bike. The choice is abundant: There are classic as well as remarkable models, which are made of either synthetic or natural raw materials. Although bicycles made of wood or bamboo with rubber tires are the exception, they also show the diversity in today’s designs. This is reflected not only in the differentiated look of the models, but also in the functions that bring along special features for cycling.


Variety of ideas by bicycle designers

The variety of ideas by bicycle designers is endless, which challenges companies to integrate innovative functions aesthetically into the design. In doing so, the practical side must not be at a disadvantage due to the demands of designers. With the advent of battery-powered bicycles, the automobile industry has already entered the bicycle industry, bringing luxurious e-bikes to market that are revolutionising the design of bicycles once again. The traditional object of locomotion is again becoming an absolute trending product, which also has tremendous economic potential. We get an idea of how differentiated the requirements of the consumers are by taking a look at the distinct terminology for bicycles in the field of cycling. We’re talking here about cross-country E-bikes, Race e-bikes, Dirtjumb bikes or Downhill bikes that are named outright after their special feature. It implies that bicycle manufacturers are all the more in a position to come up with their own design for any particular type of cycling.


Design bicycles: Customised lifestyle products

Designer bicycles: Customised lifestyle products

For this reason, the companies offer a wide array of individual configuration options for the customised bicycle. The requirements differ, depending on whether the customer wishes for a leisure bicycle or a sports bicycle. Made-to-order design bicycles are considered to be a chic and at the same time practical lifestyle product.


Tailor made bicycle designs

While a sporty mountain bicycle is supposed to primarily have stability and dynamism, the most important factor in a racing bicycle is its light weight. The stability of the individual components is of particular importance when it comes to a trekking bicycle designed for long journeys. For instance, this makes it possible to ensure that additional luggage can be accommodated. The aim of the designer is to efficiently advertise the true character of the wheel to the outside world. The material plays a key role here, which is why the manufacturers put a lot of energy into the development of innovative materials. For instance, the design of bicycles has been revolutionised in recent years with the use of carbon fibre, which reduces the weight and the air resistance of the wheel by extension. Also in terms of functionality, the concept of a “bicycle” seems unusually refined and leaves little room for improvement.


New striking designer models for more fun cycling

We have taken great care in compiling everything right from bicycles created in 3D printing via well-engineered technology of e-bikes to the flyweight bikes. The new bicycle models for the 2018 season have already convinced the experts in this year’s design competition of their high design quality. If you are an avid cyclist, you may look forward to an improved design vocabulary and optimised properties. A model that was produced worldwide for the first time with the innovative 3D printing process is an absolute novelty. Take a look and decide for yourself which trendy design bicycle suits you the best:


Aerodynamic design of racing bicycle

The racing bicycle Pride from the Austrian manufacturer Simplon, with its new cockpit design, is unique in the racing bicycle sector. Perfectly spotlighted Aero-Lenker allows an unusual view of the front wheel, and its internally routed cables keep the air resistance low. There are two basic variants available, each with different handlebar widths and stem lengths.



E-Enduro from 3D printing

The Slovakian manufacturer Kinazo brings us world’s first 3D-printed E-Enduro Kinazo E1 with ingenious frame geometry for extreme terrain. The innovative 3D printing technology has helped optimise the weight and geometry. The power supply runs on batteries or rechargeable batteries (500 to 650 watt hours). Each model can be individually customised to the body and the preferences of the user.

Kinazo E 1
Kinazo E1


Ultra-light trail bike made of carbon

The new model Spectral CF 9.0 LTD is made of carbon with an enticing geometry and a new rear construction concept. It is the flagship of the Spectral Line-Up series of the Koblenz manufacturer Canyon. With a weight of just 12.4 kilograms, it ranks amongst the flyweight bikes. What’s quite impressive, is an efficient power transmission, which is suitable for the challenging downhill passages. The design language of the Spectral has the potential to be ranked among the family of the downhill bike dealers and wins you over with its clever detail solutions.

Canyon Spectral CF
Spectral CF


Balanced carbon hardtail

The Focus Raven Pro of the German wheel manufacturer Derby Cycle opens a new revolution in the E-bike market. This bicycle was developed together with the Munich start-up company Fazua. It weighs just over 15 kilograms and is equipped with a motor and rechargeable Fazua battery (250 watt hours). The low weight could have been achieved thanks to the combination of battery and motor that was integrated as a unit, completely inside the carbon down tube.

Focus Raven Pro Focus Raven Pro


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Posted on 19.04.2018

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