Decorative and functional vases for an attractive setting

Decorative and functional vases for an attractive setting

In order to feel really at home in your own four walls, you need more than just the right furniture. Decorative items also play a major role in this feeling of well-being. Pictures, candles and vases change and improve the atmosphere of a room.

Because vases are now available in an endless variety of colours, shapes and materials, they match any decorating style and are thus perfect for designing your living space. Whether it is made from glass, porcelain or even low-maintenance silicone, a vase is the perfect decorative item, either full or empty.

A stylishly positioned bouquet of flowers

Only a vase that fits the decorative style of the room while showcasing the magnificent colours of the flowers will brighten up your living area. That’s why it is particularly important to choose the right container if you want to create a special atmosphere using a bunch of fresh flowers. One of the things to consider is the size of the container. If it’s too big, the bouquet sinks into it and looks puny. If the vase is too small, the vast arrangement of flowers takes over, falling over the sides or hanging down in an unattractive fashion. But the material also has an important role to play. The more colourful the bouquet, the more understated the container should be. A single-colour, decorative porcelain vase would be the perfect accompaniment to a colourful bunch of flowers.

Squall porcelain vase

In this case, Red Dot 21 recommends the Squall porcelain vase from Rosenthal GmbH. The appearance of the designer vase is reminiscent of a whirlwind whose tension and dynamism is captured eternally in porcelain. The single-colour understated white vase is the perfect decorative item for showing off any colour of flowers. Even when empty, the designer vase doesn’t need to hide away in a cupboard. Instead, it can give your living area a fresh and vibrant quality. You can purchase Squall from our partners in a height of 23 centimetres, 32 centimetres or 40 centimetres.

Single flowers add a friendly touch to your table

If your small kitchen table is smothered by a bunch of flowers, choose just one or two single blossoms to still create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen. The small yet sophisticated colourful blossoms will add the requisite splash of colour to your office. Choose a small vase to match the flower, which creates a cheerful mood even when it is empty.

Blob, the silicone vase from Dutch manufacturer Royal VKB is predestined for a kitchen table. It is indestructible and can even withstand a fall from the table – something that can easily happen in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher and is also stylish and modern. Its flowing drop shape allows it to stand out from most traditional vases. Because Blob is available in four different fashionable colours, it is suitable for perfecting any style of interior. The trendy vase made from silicone is available from the partners of Red Dot 21.

Blob silicon vase

A vase as a contemporary decorative item

In Antiquity, vases were mainly used for storage. Nowadays, however, they have become a popular decoration for living areas. With flowers, candles, sand, or even on its own, a glass vase in particular is the perfect accessory for adding a personal touch to a living room or office. A vase made from coloured glass provides a multitude of decorating possibilities.

This is why Red Dot 21 would especially like to recommend the Ruutu glass vase to you. It is available in five sizes and seven different pastel shades. Its unconventional diamond shape and uniform colours make it a real eye-catcher. Its Finnish manufacturer Iittala is well known for its modern glass compositions. For example, the Aalto vases available today also stem from the Finnish glass factory. Like each Aalto, the Ruutu is of course also mouth blown. If you buy several of these square masterpieces online from our partners, you can use your little collection to redecorate over and over again.

Ruutu glass vase

Posted on 05.07.2017

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