Selected designer lamps for the dark days

Selected designer lamps for the dark days

Darkness often has a negative effect on people’s feelings and many then suffer from a weariness of the soul at this time of the year. It is for this reason that lamps and luminaires are not just decorative items particularly in the dark days. It is the light, which they emit, that improves the mood of the young as well as the old and also has a positive effect on people‘s physical and emotional well-being. Select designer lamps for interiors and exteriors enhance the room optically and transform your house and garden into an oasis of happy and positive feelings.


Designer hanging lamps for a stylish ambience

Hanging lamps are meant to be practical and to illuminate the entire room as effectively as possible. However, at the same time, their purpose to act as decorative elements should also not be neglected. It is for this reason that lamps are available in many different designs. These extend from the chandelier and the classic hanging lamp, over to height-adjustable lamps and modern, unadorned hanging lamps and all the way to designer lamps. Many different types are available. It is for this reason that you need to give thought to whether the lamp should integrate itself unobtrusively in the furnishings or whether it should create a contrast. As a consciously created contrast brings with it a touch of freshness and pep, we would like to introduce you to two decorative designer lamps, which will become eye-catchers in every room that they are installed in and, in spite of that, not forfeit any part of their functionality:

Vita eos

The hanging lamp from Vita eos is one which has still to find its equal. It is made of real goose feathers, which have been bonded to a paper frame by hand. As the feathers are a waste product from the production of animal feed, no animals have been hurt during its manufacture. This is why you can look forward to having a natural product amongst your furnishings. The playful design of the hanging lamp along with its glare-free, warm light creates a homely, comfortable atmosphere in any setting. The Vita eos is available in five different sizes and can be fitted with a 60 Watt bulb max. Cleaning this edgy hanging lamp is also very easy, you can just blow it clean with your hair dryer!

Artemide Scopas

The exquisite hanging lamp, Scopas, by the Italian manufacturer, Artemide, appeals to you through its extraordinary shape. This extravagant designer lamp is oriented to the shape of a ball, however its ball-like structure remains incomplete. It is made up of several round LED modules whose black bulb fittings create a striking contrast to the white light emitted by the lamp. The Scopas Sospensione LED will draw all eyes in every room towards itself and its warm white light will create a happy and comfortable mood everywhere in the room. The fascinating interplay of the light and shadows that it creates, optically enhances the furnishings in every apartment.

Of course, it is not only interior rooms that need to be optimally illuminated. Exteriors too, must be provided with perfect illumination especially in this dark season. Free-standing lamps in the garden or on the terrace provide not only light, but improve your mood as well.


Terrace and garden with beautiful outdoor lights in scene

Lamps for exteriors are meant not only for the purpose of orientation at night, but also to create a happy mood at the twilight hour in the garden and they also add that special flair to the terrace. Depending on the purpose that the lamp must fulfil outside of the house, it can be a bright, wall-mounted lamp, a small plug-in lamp with its own solar cell or a large free-standing lamp which can withstand any kind of weather on its ground anchor. In the case that the exterior lamp is also fitted with a motion detector, you can avoid it being on all the time. Through this, electricity costs can be kept in check and animals will also not be disturbed when resting at night. With exterior lights, which can be operated by remote control, you can illuminate your terrace or garden while sitting comfortably in your armchair in the living room and so, bring the pleasurable atmosphere inside, as well.

Degardo Luncos

The two meter tall Luncos designer lamp from the house of Degardo is available in the shape of a rectangular box or spherical or as a luminous flame. In spite of, or perhaps, just because of its minimalistic design, the garden lamp can be integrated into an industry facade just as well as into the garden in your home. It fulfils not only the purpose of a source of light, but also creates a pleasing and extravagant atmosphere through its energy-charged illumination, in a timeless and elegant way. All the lamps of the Luncos series are fitted with LEDs which give you a warm white light or eight different colours, as you desire. They can also be switched on and off through a remote-control unit. The body of the lamp is made of UV-resistant and weather-resistant polyethylene and the base and the mounting elements are made of powder-coated stainless steel.

Of course, we hope that you find the perfect design object that appeals to you in the above product presentations. However, in the case that you would like to get more detailed information prior to making a purchase decision, we recommend that you visit the Lighting section at Red Dot 21. There, you will find exquisite exterior lamps, which have received awards for their designs, as well as extravagant ceiling-mounted lamps, unique wall-mounted lamps and many more lamps. They will excite you not only with their excellent functionality, but also with their attractive and extraordinary designs. Looking around in our Lighting section is certainly advisable.

Take a look at the excellent MESH lamp from Luceplan designed by the Italian designer Francisco Gomez Paz, which you see at the top of this editorial.

We are also continuously increasing our range of offerings of attractive lamps from renowned designers and so, you should not miss the opportunity to look around at Red Dot 21 regularly.

Posted on 01.12.2017

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