Big size over-ear headphones – the new trend

Big size over-ear headphones – the new trend

The virtually endless number of different models for different uses mean that music lovers are spoilt for choice. Nevertheless, there is one thing that all headphones have in common these days. All of them supplement the mobile music experience with further components that highlight the individual’s lifestyle with an attractive design and differ in terms of their shape, design and colour.

The history of hi-fi headphones: from on-ear to earbud and in-ear

The history of headphones dates back to the 19th century. The design and technology used in the sound converters have seen huge progress since those days. When the first mobile and open headphones appeared on the market at the end of the 1970s, the on-the-go music experience – together with the Walkman – was revolutionised for the masses. Suddenly it was possible to listen to music any time, even outside your own four walls.

If we look back at the design of the first Walkman headphones, we see that many contemporary headphones have remained true to the original shape. Like nowadays, back then a wire headband connected the two ear pads, ensuring a perfect fit. The headphone ear pads covered your ears but did not surround them. It wasn’t until the advent of over-ear headphones that it became possible to do just that. The headphones were brought to market as open and closed ear cup systems. This trend first came to an end with the introduction of earbuds – also called “half in-ear” – with a design that broke with convention. The headband was dispensed with completely, and the earphones could now be inserted into your ears. They were space saving and, thanks to their small size, better suited to enjoying music on the go, because they provided better insulation from external noise. Even today, there are many people who prefer this shape.

But the earbuds, too, developed further, becoming in-ear headphones. As the name suggests, these in-ear headphones could be inserted fully into your ear canal. They are often made from foam or silicone, can be adjusted individually to your ears and are comfortable to wear. It is their small size in particular that makes them so pleasant and elegant to wear.

Over-ear headphones with a timeless and elegant design: K550 from AKG

AKG K550 by Harman

No-one could have imagined that the over-ear generation of headphones would experience a comeback, but that’s exactly what happened. The rule nowadays is: the bigger, the better. The large ear cups are a real eye-catcher, without being colourful or shrill. They provide perfect insulation against ambient noise and at the same time ensure a clean and three-dimensional sound. It is completely irrelevant whether other passers-by consider the music accessory to be stylish or tasteless. If the ear cups match the overall design of the headphones, the audio product can really be shown off and no longer has to hide away in the depths of a music studio. Featuring an understated and elegant design, they complement your own fashion style. Take for example the especially high-quality and versatile model K550 from AKG by Harman with its elegant and timeless design that will win the heart of any music fan.

The basic hue of the headband, the hinges and the ear cups are in a subtle black, and the aluminium elements boast a good finish. The K550 has a truly well-executed and high-quality overall appearance, and is also light as a feather. Soft ear pads and the headband made from matt, sturdy plastic with ample padding make the headphones pleasant to wear even for longer periods. Thanks to its closed design, the K550 from AKG by Harman insulates against most ambient noise and offers very detailed trebles, expansive mids and an impressive bass.

Closed headphones with an open system – what does that mean?

What at first sounds illogical actually makes absolute sense, because closed headphones with an open system ensure the best sound quality. This successful combination of both components is also embodied in the K550 headphones from AKG by Harman. The sound is expansive and three dimensional. The detailed playback gives a realistic impression of breadth, depth and distance in this open system, while the closed-back ear cups ensure perfect noise insulation. The K550 is suitable both for home use and for concentrated studio work. With its understated and elegant design, it is also absolutely on trend and is sure to be a real joy for all those who love music.

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Posted on 28.06.2017

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