Clever garden appliances for more gardening fun

Clever garden appliances for more gardening fun

If you take the time to lovingly design, maintain and care for your balcony, patio or garden, you can look forward to many lovely hours spent in nature. Ever since humans were banished from the Garden of Eden, we have made every effort to recreate, at least now and then and for a little while, this paradisiacal state of being one with oneself and with nature and simply enjoying the moment. And what could be more logical than creating one’s own little piece of paradise and recreational area at the back of the house, on the balcony or in the allotment?

But a little work is needed before we can enjoy the fruits of our labour. Even fans of “lazy gardening” won’t be able to avoid certain gardening tasks.

Well-designed garden appliances are characterised by the sturdy impression they create as well as by being as light as possible, or at least very well balanced. The length of the appliance should match your height, so that you can protect your back while working. Design garden tools are also easy to hold and easy to operate because they are designed in a particularly ergonomic way.

Onto the hedge – with the Gardena EasyCut hedge trimmer

Depending on the job at hand, there are also other important selection criteria: For example, for lopping branches you need the right leverage effect. This ensures that you have to expend as little effort as possible to cut the branches. By contrast, when trimming a hedge, it is very important that the trimmer is secure to hold and light, as higher hedges will require you to work with your arms above your head at times. A nice example of well-designed garden appliances that are well suited to trimming lower to medium-height hedges are the electric hedge trimmers Gardena EasyCut. They will win you over with their comfort of handling, thanks not least to the fact that the weight is perfectly balanced and the distance between the ergonomically shaped ErgoTec handles is precisely gauged. This makes them light and easy to handle, making even vertical cutting possible without straining your arms. The trimmer has an optimised blade geometry with blades working in opposite directions for easy and fast trimming. The blades are also protected with a turquoise-coloured impact protection for working near to the wall or ground.

Electric hedge trimmers Gardena EasyCut

Spraying, sprinkling, misting – the art of watering

One job in the garden that not even the biggest proponents of lazy gardening will be able to get around in the hot summer months is watering the plants. For owners of larger gardens, it may be well worthwhile to install an intelligent, automatic irrigation system that independently measures the moisture content of the soil using sensors and decides when it is time to next water. That saves time as well as water.

In many cases, however, manual watering using a garden hose is sufficient. The work can be simplified by using well-designed spray heads. For example, the manufacturer Gardena has tailored the design of its Comfort sprayers specifically to the respective purpose: There is a sprayer optimised for flower beds, as the spray jet can be fanned out in order to cover larger areas. There is also a sprayer specially designed for particularly sensitive plants, flowers and herbs, where the water can be also be distributed over the delicate little plants or seeds as an extremely fine mist. Last but not least, if you want to water your hanging baskets or clean your dirty bicycle, it makes sense to use a spray lance that allows you to reach hard-to-access locations and that can also be switched to a hard jet. All Comfort sprayers offer a flow of water that can be regulated at will and a particularly ergonomically shaped handle with a flat side to allow precision and control. Thanks to its soft gripping areas and soft plastic elements, it is at the same time pleasant to hold. The trigger button with integrated lock ensures ease of use, while the drip guard makes sure that nothing gets wet if it is not supposed to.

Gardena Comfort Water Sprayers

If you want a manicured lawn, you should mow it every one to two weeks, or better still get someone to mow it for you! The robotic lawnmower R40Li from Gardena for example takes care of your lawn, while you can devote yourself to watering, sowing, fertilising, aerating and dethatching. The automatic lawnmower also has another benefit: it is considerably quieter than the customary electric and petrol lawnmowers – something your neighbours will be pleased about. And it does in fact take work off your hands, as the R40Li is in continuous use (unless programmed differently) and only interrupts its work if it runs out of power. In this case, it simply rides over to the charging station and recharges its batteries. The robotic lawnmower moves freely over the lawn area. Thanks to its SensorCut system, it leaves behind an evenly trimmed lawn without strips, which at the same time is fertilised regularly by the fine lawn clippings.

Robotic lawnmower R40Li from Gardena

So it is possible to simplify – and in some cases even delegate – work in the garden. And after the work is done, you can sit down and enjoy everything germinating, budding, blossoming, blooming, sprouting, growing and thriving around you. A little moment of paradise.

Posted on 14.07.2017

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