JOOZY – the citrus squeezer at the wall

JOOZY – the citrus squeezer at the wall

It is something familiar to all of us: working with a normal juicer is not easy. It’s not because the orange and the lemons are so resistant, but to prevent the thing from slipping, you have to exert up to 20 kilos (!) of pressure. That’s why some people say that they need to use a motor-driven juicer. It can be much easier if you think outside the box.

With the new JOOZY, it is quite easy. JOOZY sits on the wall does not slip, you only need one hand and around three kilos of pressure is enough. Just put a glass directly underneath and gravity does the rest – it is a good example of simple applied physics.

There are three ways to fix JOOZY to the wall: with a silicone suction pad, with glue points or with screws. And of course the JOOZY is also very easy to clean. Simply pull it from the holder on the wall and swill it out.

JOOZY citrus squeezer

Read more about the inventor of the JOOZY citrus squeezer:
Interview Michael Lutter

Posted on 29.09.2017

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