Christmas gift ideas with a special design

Christmas gift ideas with a special design

Many of us watch with envy while friends and acquaintances already get busy in the summer months gathering unusual Christmas gift ideas. So why can’t we learn a lesson from this? -Christmas time could be so much more relaxed and stress-free.

And if you start now, it’s not too late! We want to introduce you early to the nicest Christmas gift ideas in the form of selected design products as well as give you some helpful gift advice. This will save you time, and you can surprise your nearest and dearest – your family, friends and acquaintances – with something original this Christmas.

Over the coming weeks, we will give you gift advice here in the Red Dot 21 magazine and will show you the best design products for people who like anything from sports or travelling to technology, brands and books and gifts for music lovers as well as for all who loves trendy colors (e.g. (white design products as gifts). Be inspired!


Give the gift of individual and unusual gifts!

If you are searching for a truly individual and personal gift, first of all think about the person receiving the gift. Take a moment before roaming through the shops or heading to the internet, and make a list of what might be the best Christmas gifts for that specific person.

Give the gift of individual and unusual gifts!

How to give Christmas gifts a personalised quality

Think about that person’s hobbies, personal interests and wishes. Consider what he or she likes to eat or drink. Or what sporting activities they regularly take part in? Maybe they like to travel and could use a new suitcase? Or they like to read, and are interested in a certain public figure? If so, a biography, e.g. from Erik Spiekermann or a coffee table book, e.g. The Architecture of Wine could be just the right choice?

If your partner or another family member has recently expressed a wish or was excited about something new, try to consider this preference in your Christmas gift ideas. This kind of thoughtfulness is generally appreciated and met with happiness and gratitude. Once you have put your initial ideas down on paper, you will see that it is easier to come up with ideas for some people than for others. Nevertheless, you have now set out your first plan, and you can check and recheck it over time. You still have plenty of time for that.


The 5 golden rules for giving unusual gifts

The 5 golden rules for giving unusual gifts

Here at Red Dot 21, we want to tell you about the 5 golden rules that you can use to get much closer to your goal of giving unusual gifts.

It is often easier said than done to give quirky gifts, because what we might consider unusual might appear boring to the recipient of the gift. And some people prefer to get traditional items like a new pair of socks, some tea or chocolates.

Unusual gifts don’t always have to be expensive. Out-of-the-ordinary experiences like a bungee jump, a helicopter flight or a trendy gadget do have their price, but they are generally unique. So start off by setting your maximum budget that you are prepared to spend on that person. This will help you to limit the gift options early on.

Follow these rules when looking for the right Christmas gifts:

  1. Make a list with the names of the persons to whom you want to give gifts.
  2. Make a note of each person’s interests, hobbies and personal wishes.
  3. Set the budget of what you want to spend per person.
  4. Tailor it to the recipient and make it unique.
  5. Order the gifts in good time!


Attractive Christmas gifts for men

When we think about Christmas gifts for men, the first things that inevitably come to mind are typical items like a tie, a lapel pin or a socks. While lots of men are sure to be happy with these christmas gift ideas, they are not the most imaginative presents.

If you want to give your husband, partner, grandfather, father, a male neighbour or best friend a really great surprise, it is worth thinking outside the box and keeping an eye out for attractive design gifts for men.

Most people find it difficult to find a gift for men, whether for Christmas, a birthday, Father’s Day or an anniversary. But in fact it’s not that complicated. With a little patience and a lot of attention, you too can find out what gifts the men in your life are interested in. Or you can simply ask them, because often you will receive a precise answer, and you won’t have to worry about buying the wrong present any longer.

Whether young or old, single or married, best friend, brother, male colleague or boss, we have put together a few special design products to give as gifts to any man. You will find gifts here for all types, from those who like practical gifts to those obsessed with technology, fashion or sport.


Christmas gift ideas for young men

Christmas gift ideas for young men

Young men of 18 or older are often very interested in technology and get excited about any type of consumer electronics. They are generally also into computers, video games, smartphones and tablets. It is often important to them to have the latest and best model to show their friends.

Maybe you could buy them a new smartphone or an appropriate accessorie, such as the docking station Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch & iPhone. Or a particularly cool console like the Nvidia Shield Android TV for at home? Young people love strong brands, well-known manufacturers and designers. So you are sure to find some cool gifts for boys quickly in our selection at Red Dot 21.


Festive design gift ideas for men over 30

Festive design gift ideas for men over 30

If you are looking for gift ideas for men over 30, remember that inside every man, regardless of his age, there lies a child. The products consumed by the younger generation of men are also of interest to older men. They often have specific ideas and prefer to be loyal to certain brands based on a good experience in the past. Or the lords of the manor have been dreaming for a long time about that perfect device. Even if they haven’t mentioned anything specific, you should take a look at what technical innovations are available on the market. Cameras, sports equipment and hi-fi and audio equipment are very popular.

Our recommendations:


Presents for men over 40

Presents for men over 40

It is easy to imagine that men over 40 may have already fulfilled most of their wishes. But we disagree! Maybe it is exactly the right time to replace old things with new items or to give him something useful for DIY (do it yourself) work around the house for a change? In addition, men of this age have generally decided on their hobbies, sports and leisure activities and they know exactly what they want, whether this is a new sound system or various smart home products or even a business trolley case. Or the man in question is a follower of fashion who likes to wear the latest menswear collections by famous designers?

Personal grooming products for men are also becoming more and more popular as Christmas gifts. There are lots of attractive design products on offer that demonstrate good taste and that men like to use for their personal grooming routine.

An absolute classic gift that will appeal to any man is a car-related product. Give the gift of useful car accessories or car care products, e.g. Premium Car Care Set Herrenfahrt.

That’s why we recommend:

  • An exclusive men watch L1 from Lilienthal Berlin (Made in Germany), which is inspired by the urban caracter of the Berlin city
  • The lightweight weight cordless screwdriver for dry construction GSR 10.8 V-EC TE from Bosch Professional in a compact design with motor brake for a long service life
  • The Shaver Series 9000 wet and dry shaver from Royal Philips Electronics or the Mark Braun shaving kit Hexagon* for those who prefer it classic
  • The elegant striped JOOP! bathrobe*
  • Smart Home products, such as the simple Smart Home control Nuimo by Senic with LED matrix, haptic interaction and non-contact gesture control
  • Business trolley or the travelbag set Leitz Complete Smart Traveller
  • The BMW Cruise e-Bike of the BMW new bike generation III with aluminum frame in Bullneck design and 400 Wh frame battery


What can I give my partner or husband for Christmas?

What can I give my partner or husband for Christmas?

In the case of a partner or spouse, giving gifts requires a special talent, because you cannot and should not give the same gift each year. And that is something that often happens after being with someone for several years. Why? Because you simply run out of ideas. While most men may not like to admit it, they too appreciate thoughtful gifts that represent an emotional connection. Personalised gifts are a good choice, as are humorous, entertaining gifts or experience-based gifts that encourage your partner to get active.

Men love entertainment

Lots of men love high-end entertainment and are always on the hunt for the latest conquests in the field of consumer electronics. Suitable accessories for computers, e.g. for laptops or supplies for smartphones, as well as for game consoles, music systems etc. also make perfect Christmas gifts. As an additional gimmick, you can add something for the quieter days over Christmas, like his favourite series on Blu-ray, the best blockbusters or books about architecture, product design, photography or graphic design.

Men like original gifts

A particularly special gift doesn’t necessarily have to be something material. Instead, it can be a gesture that the man receiving the gift will consider original. Activities are perfect for this. A trip to his favourite city, a visit to a restaurant of his choice or a museum tour to see a permanent exhibition – all of these things are unique. Take a look at our Hotspots – maybe you will find a stylish design location there? Click on the links provided to the respective locations to contact the restaurants or hotels and reserve a room or book a table.

Or maybe the man in question likes wine, cognac or whiskey? A special whiskey glass (e.g. Celsyum) little introductory course in a winery in conjunction with an attractively designed bottle of spirits is an original Christmas gift for men. Or why not surprise a man who likes fashion with a customised pair of Porsche Design sunglasses with an engraving, for example, or the book “London Sartorial: Men’s Style From Street to Bespoke” in the hardback edition from 4 April 2017.


Exclusive Christmas gift ideas for women

Exclusive Christmas gifts for women

Although lots of Christmas gift ideas for women can be found online, it is still not easy to find an exclusive product that suits the woman in question. In this case, too, start with her interests, hobbies or job, and ask yourself what your girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, female colleague or boss likes best of all.

For example, is the woman you want to give the gift to very fashion conscious? Or does she like to decorate her home with stylish and cosy things? If so, selected home accessories would make a good Christmas gift. Trendy designer lamps, nice vases or tableware will likewise appeal to any woman interested in interior design.

  • Depending on what she likes, suitable gifts for your best friend or sister could be a travel diary or pretty notebook like the senseBook from Holtz Office Support or a calendars/diaries such as the Design Diary 2018 for her upcoming adventure, a city trip for the two of you or simply new fitness products like the fitness tracker Nike+ FuelBand for working out together. Humorous or sweet presents are generally also well received. It is a nice idea to refer to the recipient’s personality traits in giving a Christmas gift. For example, if your best friend is a lively and playful person that likes cute presents, then gadgets with sweet prints, decoration or quirky accessories might be the way to go.
  • If you have an aunt who likes to travel and see the whole world, a travel bag with integrated secure features (e. g. Toursafe EXP29) or a wonderful illustrated book like Wanderlust from the publisher Gestalten. could be a good choice. Or simply give her a nice coffee table book, e.g. the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018 set, which contains the best product design products, to give your aunt inspiration for next year’s Christmas wish list.
  • Popular Christmas gifts for female colleagues or bosses include attractively packaged food items, delicious treats and beverages, e.g. tea-related gifts or liqueur with an unusual packaging design, which are guaranteed to add to her Christmas cheer. Or you could bake cookies and put them in a pretty biscuit tin or in attractive containers.

In addition, it makes sense to think about whether the recipient of the gift collects certain things. Whether that might be bags, caps, earrings or watches – sometimes it can be worth investing in products that are good for collectors.

Or think about whether the person in question has designers or manufacturers that she particularly likes? Get an overview of who is represented at Red Dot 21 in order to use it to discover the product range from past years or the absolute product novelties from the design competitions.


Design gifts for young women

Design gifts for young women

The advantage of finding a gift for young women is that they have lots of wishes at the same time and you can often choose from a long list of things they want. Depending on whether you are looking for a gift for your own daughter, your sister or your best friend, listen closely to what she is currently into. As many wishes as young women have, they change from one day to the next, and what was “in” just yesterday is suddenly “out” again today. So be careful, and remember to listen to what they want right now! Maybe our new sharp design trends that we have put together for you here will help you to choose:

  • Tinted and unusual mirrors such as the Langria mirror cabinet* which at the same time acts as a jewellery cabinet – a real eye-catcher!
  • Unusual pieces of furniture, like the blow sofa from Malafor
  • Trendy kitchen utensils, e.g. a mixer for smoothies like the Panda Nutri De Blender from Bianco with an italian design
  • Fitness tracker Lifeband Touch HL84 from LG Electronics


Gifts for women over 30

Gifts for women over 30

Fortunately, the preference for certain products becomes more and more accentuated as a woman grows older. This makes it easier for a long-term partner to someday find out for sure what she really likes.

From 30 onward, women often feel they ought to be good to themselves. Quite often their standards for their own appearance are raised. And they pay more attention to personal care. That is why a lady shaver Silkpro from Lotuxs might be a welcome gift.

In particular, a woman often may wish to own one-off pieces identified as must-haves at least once in her life, e.g. handbags, jewellery from well-known designers or designer glasses. So feel free to give the gift of “that one designer piece” – designer bags are also very popular – even if you personally do not always understand its value to her. The joy on her face as a reaction to the gift should be worth it to you.

Keep an eye out for:


Christmas gifts for mothers

Christmas gifts for mothers

It is not as difficult as it first appears to find a Christmas gift for mothers, because many mothers are undemanding. Maybe you have heard it before: A child can give its mother whatever it wants, and regardless what it is, it is usually well received!

But if you want to thank your mother for the gift of life, then take a moment to reflect, and buy something really special that she will never expect. Personalise the products that you buy. For example, have her initials engraved on a stylish wine carafe like the Alpha Decanting Carafe, or give her a wonderful photo of your most recent holiday together in a modern picture frame or a solid wood frame, depending on her taste and the style of her home.

Or give her a voucher for an afternoon together, for example a voucher for the Red Dot Design Museum, because alongside beauty products and personal hygiene products, all kinds of vouchers for two are still the most popular Christmas gifts for women.

Examples of other nice Christmas gift ideas might be:

When browsing through the product range here at Red Dot 21, pay attention to out-of-the-ordinary design products that are beautiful, sophisticated or extravagant, or designed with a great love of detail, and be inspired by our diverse product categories.


Attractively designed Christmas gifts for your wife

Attractively designed Christmas gifts for your wife

More often than not, you can make your wife happy with traditional Christmas gifts like her favourite perfume. Unfortunately, classic products get a little dull over time and don’t exactly show that her dearest one has put a lot of thought into a truly unusual and unexpected surprise at Christmas time. That’s why we recommend listening, because often comments made in passing give lots of hints about possible wishes that could be fulfilled. Maybe she would like an exclusive handbag by a well-known designer or a high-quality watch from a high-profile manufacturer?

Or you could give her the gift of a little relaxing time for just the two of you, which makes a welcome change in particular after the stressful Christmas period with the end of the year approaching. What about a romantic candlelight dinner or a city trip for two with a visit to the best design locations? Visit the cities near you, in Europe and worldwide. You will find lots of fabulous accommodation options, tips for exclusive restaurants and bars as well as unusual stores for post-Christmas shopping for the trip to various cities in the hotspots section of our magazine.

You could give your wife or partner a very special gift in the form of attractive underwear and classy lingerie. It is important to know the exact size. Erotic Christmas gifts, like sextoys, are very popular for more intimate moments.


Well-designed children’s gifts for Christmas

Well-designed children’s gifts for Christmas

The Christmas holidays are still most exciting of all for children, at least until the Christmas presents finally appear. It is generally easier to get the child to write a wish list in advance before looking for gifts. Some of the items on the list are sometimes too much and are simply not affordable for the parents. In such cases, the task is to find a dignified replacement that will nevertheless make the child’s face light up at Christmas time. And that is not so easy if what they want is a horse!

Luckily, children are easily excited and they are also happy to unpack something that wasn’t on the list, because that makes for a special surprise.

There are countless Christmas gift ideas for children. Some of the very popular ones include:

  1. Small school supplies, like lunch boxes, school planners or pencil cases
  2. New games that promote creativity and knowledge creation
  3. Music boxes, wind chimes or smaller musical instruments like a keyboard or a xylophone

If you are looking for gifts for small children, you should pay special attention to ensuring that the small gifts will promotes the child’s creativity and motor skills if possible, such as the cardboard game REMEMBER® Kallewupp. A mix of usefulness, playfulness and what the child wants is a good measure of the right Christmas gift ideas for kids. If you just want to get some inspiration to start, take a look in our Toys category.


Christmas gift ideas for girls

Christmas gifts for girls

Although the tastes of young girls differ, fortunately there are lots of typical girls’ products that will please every girl. And because little ones like to imitate adults, items like children’s cutlery and tableware for children like the Lässig Dish Set Little Chums are very popular. The parents could love, on the other hand, the Happy series ez-pz – it works well against the smuggling of the little ones.

If you support your child’s current hobbies, this will also meet with a positive reception. This shows that you are interested in her leisure activities and enhances the bond you have with her. Particularly in her teenage years from 13 onward, it makes sense to encourage sporting activities. This is the phase when some adolescents lose interest in sports and prefer to take part in “cooler” activities.

For example, you could give:

  • A cool and well colourful backpack like satch from the ergobag GmbH
  • gym bag* with a trendy star print
  • Accessories for ballet, e.g. stretch tape ZeWoo* to improve the leg stretching

or alternatively:


Christmas gift ideas for boys

Action-packed Christmas gifts for boys are bound to go down well, regardless whether the boys in question are six or twelve years old. Many boys would like to be given the gift of a day with their dad, where the two get involved in cool male activities. They also like everything related to movement. And gifts that encourage their hobbies are just as popular with boys as with girls.

Christmas gifts for boys

For example, gifts for boys include:

  • A garden trampoline* from Ultrasport for the next summer season
  • A mini car, e.g. the pedal go-cart JEEP from Berg
  • A soccer table e.g. the soccer table Kartoni from the Kickpack GmbH which is made of 100 percent renewable ressources
  • A trendy three-piece school backpack set Satch* by Ergobag
  • A beautiful designer notebook bag by Sidorenko* in the style of the cult film classics “Matrix”
  • A remote-controlled toy car: the Turnator from Carerra* which encourages the skills and concentration
  • A cool set of phosphorescent wall colour, e.g. the neon nights fluorescent colour-set*

It is somewhat more difficult for teenage boys. But you will usually be on the right track with any kind of technical equipment, whether for computers, game consoles or their current smartphone. However, it is important to know what exactly your boy likes. If you give him the wrong brands or don’t know enough about his video game preferences, you should listen and look more carefully and otherwise ask his friends.

Growing boys who like to try out their DIY and motor skills are also happy to receive a drone, such as the Syma X5C Explorer*, which is equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems.


Design products as gifts for babies

Have some of your acquaintances or family members had a baby? If you are looking for baby gifts, take a look at Red Dot 21. First-class design products for baby equipment are always welcome. Every mother can use a nice wrap cap and play mat like Wrapper Motion or a nappy-changing bag like the Rosie Bag from Lässig for on the go, a colourful bottle set Avent My Penguin Sippy Cup from Royal Philips Electronics or a cutlery for babies like Spuni, a humorous set of bibs for week days* or a baby seat with mobilee for babies, e. g. 4moms to practice gripping.


Well-designed christmas gift ideas for grandparents

Well-designed christmas gift ideas for grandparents

Finding the right gifts for grandparents is child’s play when you yourself are still young and can give the gift of a memory from your childhood. A picture you painted in school or something home-made is sure to make grandfather and grandmother happy. The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to choose a gift, because it seems like your grandparents already have everything. So ask yourself in advance if for example your grandparents are still active enough. Maybe they are still in great shape and like to go travelling? Or maybe they spend most of their time at home? Depending on the answers to those questions, you can choose from various different well-designed gifts.

We recommend:

If you want granny and granddad to move with the times, you could give them a tablet such as the Lenovo Yoga Tablet* inclusive a protective cover for the tablet like the Icon Sleeve. Or you buy something that is innovative and makes housework easier, like the Braava jet household robot.

For cosy Sundays spent drinking coffee and eating cake with family, you can think ahead and give a practical designer coffee machine. And for Christmas evening, you can give a bar trolley (e.g. SoBuy® * made out of high quality bamboo) for grandfather and grandmother’s favourite liqueur.


We hope that these initial Christmas gift ideas with a special design will give you lots of inspiration for your nearest and dearest. Otherwise stay tuned to our gift series, where we will introduce you to the nicest products and the best gift ideas right up to Christmas time. Simply come back and visit us again!



Posted on 09.10.2017

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