From camping to glamping with designer outdoor products

From camping to glamping with designer outdoor products

If you are planning a camping holiday or want to go on a longer trip in a motorhome, it is worth investing some time in your equipment beforehand. For a long time, camping was something that people either loved or hated. There was no real middle ground. At one end of the spectrum were those who loved the self-determination, proximity to nature and to like-minded people, the purist, back-to-basics experience afforded by a camping holiday. On the other were those who considered a certain level of comfort essential, especially on their annual vacation. Nowadays it is possible to have the former without foregoing the latter. This is because typical outdoor products like tents, sleeping bags, ground mats or air mattresses, camping plates etc. are constantly getting better, lighter, sturdier and at the same time simpler to handle, not least thanks to the use of high-tech materials. In addition, in recent years the camping industry has discovered a whole new target group to make its own – namely luxury campers or “glampers”. The range of well-equipped glamping accommodation, caravans and motorhomes has grown exponentially as a result. They offer the freedom of a camping holiday combined with as much comfort as possible. While glamping may not appeal to tenting purists, it is attractive for families with children, well-off couples and best agers. Regardless of whether you are planning a holiday in a tent or a mobile home, there are numerous outdoor products that make the nicest time of the year even more enjoyable.

Into the Wild with the lightweight tent from Nordisk

There are lots of different types of tents for almost any purpose. The choice is virtually endless, so it helps to plan your camping holiday precisely before you make a purchase. But if your main priority during your holiday is to stay mobile, you should give special consideration to the weight and packsize of the tent. Apart from bad weather, there is scarcely anything more frustrating on a trekking holiday than carrying a pack that is too heavy. The 3-person tent Oppland 3 LW was designed with a special focus on as little weight as possible. It features an ultra-thin but sturdy fabric with a 3-layer silicone coating that means the tent does not even weigh 2 kg, making it especially suited to trekking tours. At the same time it offers a hydrostatic head of 2,000 mm, which is sufficient protection if the weather doesn’t play along. The interior of the lightweight tent is very spacious, with plenty of room for three people. Multiple ventilation options mean the climate inside is pleasant. The interior is accessed via a wide entrance with patented quick-snap magnets. The three-pole tunnel construction ensures that Oppland 3 LW can be pitched quickly and easily and stays secure and sturdy. It has a packsize of just 13 x 48 cm. The Red Dot jury was also enthusiastic about the product, saying: “Spacious yet light and easy to handle – the Oppland 3 LW rises to this challenge, with a design that wholly fulfils every camper’s requirements”.

Tent Oppland 3 LW

Glamping in a cotton tent with simple elegance

Tepee tent Alfheim from Nordisk goes more in the direction of glamping as described above, offering a generous 12.6 square metres of space for campers. On account of this size and its weight of more than 10 kg alone, Alfheim is not a tent to carry around on hiking or cycling trips, even it if is quick to pitch using just one middle pole. With its purist design, the tent in the shape of a tepee exudes grandeur and a simple elegance. It offers sleeping space for 8 to 10 persons, making it ideal for events, group travel or weekend trips with friends. Additional cabins can be zipped in. Using no subdivisions but optional floors, cushions, furs and lanterns, for example, it can also be used for protection from the weather or as a cosy retreat at garden parties. The climate inside is regulated using adjustable ventilation. The roof top is removable, leaving it open for stargazing in good weather. The tepee is made from eco-friendly, breathable organic cotton produced without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Tepee tent Alfheim

Lie back and relax in the handy camping chair

Whether on a camping holiday or a fishing trip – when the sun appears, inviting you to outdoor activities, this chair is the perfect companion. The Ground Chair can be packed down to a handy size of just 30 x 11 x 11 cm, which is no larger than a water bottle with a weight of just 520 g. It thus fits perfectly into any car boot, beach bag or rucksack. One you have found a nice spot for a rest, you can assemble the Ground Chair quickly and easily with its aluminium frame. Once assembled, the lightweight chair provides back-friendly comfort for people weighing up to 120 kg and a cosy outdoor spot for lying back and watching the world go by.

Ground Chair

Reliable companions in the dark: flashlights and headlamps

Anyone who needs to pop out of a tent or motorhome at night soon notices the merits of a reliable and bright flashlight. It quickly and relentlessly disperses the dark shadows, lighting up our path. No home, travel pack or vehicle should be without a light like this. Not just for a camping trip, it should be close to hand anywhere and any time that darkness beckons. In most cases, a simple light like the LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight is sufficient. With a light output of 320 lumens, this focusable LED flashlight offers great brightness and range. Thanks to a matt housing alloy and an ergonomically designed switch, it is also easy to hold and grip. In addition, it boasts an attractive and distinctive appearance with its circle of red shining through the head of the lamp.

LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight

Compared to flashlights, headlights have the major advantage that you can keep both hands free and the beam of light always shines in the direction you are facing. This means that a headlight allows you to pitch your tent in the dark, prepare some food on the camping stove or collect any toys left lying around. The focusable headlamps LED Lenser H14.2 and H14R.2 are attractive and well-designed examples of such comfortable headlamps. Both lamps will win you over with their ergonomic fit and a sophisticated and easy-to-manage switch concept that allows you to choose between different light functions, from setting the brightness to the flash frequency.

Headlamps LED Lenser H14.2 and H14R.2


Posted on 18.07.2017

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