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Of course not every book is the same. Fiction creates its own narrative universe, whereas non-fiction shines a light on the real world or at last part of it. For a long time, factual books were thought of as dry and boring – a stance that is hard to justify. On the contrary, magnificent photography in fantastic illustrated books, lively explanations in non-fiction books and clearly laid out infographics in reference works demonstrate that the era of dry factual publications is long gone.

However, one has to accept that not every book appeals to everyone. While some people will sigh at the mere thought of photo documentaries, others will practically devour the artistic photos and will imagine themselves inside the images. As with so many things, individual taste has a significant impact. You should nonetheless still try to approach each subject with an open mind. Non-fiction has changed considerably over the last few years, so much so that, if you consider it with an open mind, you may be surprised at what you find. An increasing number of non-fiction books have moved away from the factually correct but rather dry treatises they used to be and have become exemplary, lively books that package well-founded information in an entertaining text. The 360° Industrial Design book by Arman Emami is a good example. Even if it focuses on the design process as part of analytic product design in a professionally accomplished way, it is by no means only a book for design professionals, but, thanks to its short, concise articles, clear graphics and explanatory examples, will also make stimulating reading for anyone else who is interested in design.

Nourishing creativity

But a book not only nourishes creativity when it provides information on the design process. The mere act of reading, the fact that the reader has to use his or her imagination and the experience of a new or at least different point of view all automatically stimulate people’s creative powers if they take the time to get to grips with a good book. Regardless of whether we intend to or not, every book introduces new thoughts and provides new impressions that inspire our conscience and sub-conscience and lend our imagination wings.

Without a doubt, one of the books that stimulates the imagination and virtually bubbles with new ideas is this year’s Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/18 as a set. The four image-laden tomes are full of creativity and innovation. Anyone who pages through them will want to get to know and explore the amazing world of design in all its myriad facets.

Free delivery on orders of design-focused books

Books nourish our creativity and satisfy our thirst for inspiration and variety. That’s a fact that can only be applauded. Why not browse through the book category on Red Dot 21 and discover fantastic coffee-table books, clearly laid-out reference works, interesting non-fiction books and design-focused cookbooks that will inspire you.


Posted on 19.06.2015

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