Bluetooth speakers: mobile sound for audiophiles

Bluetooth speakers: mobile sound for audiophiles

In the age of mobile terminal devices such as smartphones or tablets and streaming services, wireless speakers and speaker systems are becoming ever more popular. The sound that the ultra-flat devices emit is often too tinny, scratchy and weak. A corresponding resonator is simply what is missing, this is because a full-bodied sound also requires the corresponding space volume. Even very compact Bluetooth speakers offer good amplification for wireless music transmission – even though they may not be comparable with larger sound systems. However, they have one great advantage, they can be taken everywhere. Small and handy and wonderfully mobile, they go along with you for a picnic in the park, to a party on the beach or along on your travels or just to the neighbouring room. Where young music lovers of the 80s needed to lug their huge ghetto-blasters, loaded with heavy batteries, on their shoulders to drive people nuts with their loud hip-hop sounds, today just a smartphone and a speaker the size of a beer can do the same.

Of bass monsters, sound giants and sound midgets

You can find a suitable Bluetooth speaker for any kind of operation. And here, we shall be giving you a few tips on what you need to look out for while selecting one. For a true audiophile, we mean someone who listens to sounds very carefully and places great value on excellent music reproduction, the sound is naturally the most important reason for the purchase. So that music is transmitted as free of disruption as possible, it is recommended to ensure that the speaker incorporates aptX technology through which the audio signal is transmitted with very little loss. However, as sound is also a matter of personal taste, the main decision maker in the evaluation of the sound quality is – to test. The reason for this is, that for one person the most important is the volume, the other wants a perfect reproduction in the low and/or high frequency range and the third wants a bass monster which will make the earth shake. What is decisive is what you feel is a balanced, full sound – and what kind of music you hear and where – a sound midget for when you are travelling or for background music at a picnic. At home, perhaps for your home theatre, you may want several stationary sound giants in the form of a TV sound system, which provides you with stereo or Dolby Surround sound for music, series or film streaming. For somebody who would like to use his speaker mostly outdoors or even in the shower, for him it is important that his speaker is extremely robust and waterproof.

It is advisable to make a careful examination of the specifications as well: Can several Bluetooth speakers be coupled to each other to improve the sound quality? Does the speaker have a speakerphone function, which is not only advantageous when travelling but also when doing house work? What is the battery life? Can it also be simultaneously used as a powerbank for your smartphone or tablet? Can several devices be connected via NFC? Does it have an integrated radio and can sound settings be adjusted? Which of these is important depends on your personal preferences – but keep these points in mind, they can do no harm.

A compact sound marvel for indoor and outdoor use

If you are looking for an extremely mobile and small Bluetooth speaker, we would like to present two successful examples to you here: The JBL Flip 3 from Harman is a compact, cylindrical speaker unit that is particularly suited for the outdoors. This is because the speaker’s housing is made of rubber which makes it is extremely robust. It is also splash-proof and is available in several colours. Thanks to the JBL Connect function, several JBL Flips can be wirelessly connected to each other to blast a powerful sound over a greater area or several rooms. Aside from that, a 3000 mAH lithium-ion battery gives you uninterrupted music playback for up to ten hours and a speakerphone function with integrated noise cancellation makes calling easier – when both your hands are otherwise occupied!

JBL Flip 3

An extremely elegant alternative to the more sportive JBL Flip 3 is the Stellé Audio Pillar from Stellé Audio. The small, handy Bluetooth speaker with speakerphone function has an extremely luxurious appearance. This is not only because of its smooth cylindrical form that gives you an impressive 360 degree sound, but also through its various shells that are available in wood, metal and colour variants. The battery has a life of about 15 hours at normal volume and music streaming is not only through Bluetooth but also through a cable that is part of the delivery scope for an auxiliary interface available for devices that are not Bluetooth enabled.

Stellé Audio Pillar

Complex sound systems for TVs

As opposed to those described above, the Bose Solo TV Sound System and the Philips Zenit loudspeaker system are suited for stationary operation in your living room or in the office. The first is no Bluetooth system but is characterised by being especially uncomplicated to handle. It is simply connected to the TV and to the socket by a connector each and it delivers a clearly fuller, true-to-life and warmer sound than the TV unit itself, thanks to the integrated Bose Speaker Array technology and the patented Digital Sound Processing. The sound bars are specially designed for positioning under flat-screen TV units with a size of 80 to 106 cm measured over the screen diagonal. However, they can also be used with other sized TV sets. Control is through a remote that is included in the delivery.

Bose Solo TV Sound System

As opposed to the Bose system, the 5.1 Philips Zenit (CSS5530B) loudspeaker system can be simply connected via Bluetooth or NFC. It provides you with a natural, balanced sound for the playback of Ultra HD content such as music and films on your home theatre. The rear speakers and sub-woofers are configured as wirelessly connected, so that they can be placed anywhere in the room. All the main and satellite speakers are configured as MHM (midrange/high-range/midrange) speakers and so, they ensure a true-to-life sound playback. The slim, conical appearance of the speakers whose housing mixes wood, aluminium and fabric stylistically with each other, brings out the main features of your living room or work area.

5.1 Philips Zenit loudspeaker system


Posted on 25.07.2017

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