A bike tour with a trendy designer bicycle

A bike tour with a trendy designer bicycle

If you don’t just want to relax on holiday but would also like to exercise in the fresh air, why not plan a cycling tour? Cycling keeps you fit, protects the environment and also aids psychological and physical relaxation.

Whether you want to do a day trip on a bike or spend several days cycling, it’s important to plan each cycling trip. First of all you should make sure that your pushbike is in good condition:

  1. Check the tyres and wheel rims.
  2. Have the chain and sprockets checked in a bicycle workshop.
  3. Check that the carrier is secure and stable and is strong enough for all your travel gear.

Also remember that you will be sitting on a saddle for a few kilometres during your cycling trip. This makes comfortable, weatherproof clothing a must-have. It is essential to also pack a second set of clothing, so that you don’t have to abandon your wonderful trip after a little rain shower. Last but not least, don’t forget to get a map showing the bike paths. Once you have done all of this, you can look forward to the trip with your designer bicycle.

A sleek bike from the furniture store

Not every bike tour involves climbing mountains and traversing valleys in order to get to your destination exhausted after some tough legwork. There are numerous flat cycling paths where you won’t be required to complete a major sporting feat and you can simply have fun cycling. As long as you have a reasonably modern bike rather than an old jalopy, nothing stands in the way of unlimited enjoyment.

One bike that you can use for everything from shopping in the city to a little cycling tour is Sladda from the Swedish furniture store IKEA. It is equally suited to men and women. You can also purchase a stylish bicycle rack lined with wood as well as a practical bicycle trailer with a matching design. As a special extra feature, the sturdy Sladda has a belt drive. This drive is virtually maintenance free, as it does not need to be oiled. Thanks to its attractive yet functional design, the IKEA bike won the sought-after Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

Sladda from Ikea

Arrive at your destination quickly and comfortably with an e-bike

If you want some physical exercise but don’t want to get sweaty on a bike tour, treat yourself to a comfortable e-bike. While you still have to pedal on a typical pedelec, an electric motor provides huge assistance. You can easily reach up to 25 kilometres per hour in this way, making the bicycle tour a pleasure even on steep cycle paths.

Red Dot 21 recommends the Radius e-bike from Winora. It is available in the versions Plain, Urban, Tour and Speed. The compact e-bike will win you over with its 250W Yamaha PW mid-mounted motor. Combined with the 400W lithium-ion battery, it provides strong propulsion. The 20-inch balloon tyres will let you ride across any small uneven surfaces off road without any trouble. To make sure you can also stay mobile in the city with the practical Radius from Winora, it has rotating handlebars and folding pedals. This means it doesn’t need much room for storage.

Radius from Winora

Cycling enjoyment with a stylish pedelec

While the main priority for a bicycle used to be its functionality, athletes and hobby cyclists now have more demands for their environmentally friendly steed. Design bikes have to have an auxiliary motor in order to turn a cycling tour into a comfortable sporting pleasure. Despite the additional drive, it shouldn’t harm the environment, and of course it shouldn’t have a mediocre design. Red Dot 21 has found an e-bike for you that fulfils all of these requirements:

The BMW Cruise e-bike stands out with its streamlined, sporty appearance. Even the welded seams of the aluminium frame are smoothed using the smooth welding method. To help you conquer hilly terrain with just as much ease as on the flat, the bike is equipped with a Shimano 10-speed gear and a Bosch motor. The lithium-ion battery, also from Bosch, offers an impressive range of more than 70 kilometres on the flat. For downhill, you can rely on the tried-and-tested hydraulic disc brake from Shimano.

BMW Cruise e-bike

Posted on 21.07.2017

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