5 benefits of a baby carrier

5 benefits of a baby carrier

We have put together 5 reasons to leave the stroller aside in favour of the baby carrier:

1. With a baby carrier, you can move your arms and hands freely

When you carry your baby in a baby carrier, the advantage is that you can move your arms and hands freely because you don’t need to use them to push or hold the stroller.

2. Obstacles are easier to overcome with the baby carrier

It is much easier to walk through hillier areas with a baby carrier than with a stroller. In addition, you will be able to master many obstacles like steep stairs or countless steps without any difficulty. This makes you more independent, as you don’t have to rely on help from others.

3. The child feels closer to you when it is carried in a baby carrier

What better feeling is there than to hold your child close? And the feeling is mutual! On your back, the child feels the warmth of your body and gets a very different perspective of things, as it can see and hear the surroundings better. As an added bonus, you can monitor your child’s breathing and notice sooner if your child is ever unwell.

4. Ergonomically shaped baby carriers for healthy hip development

There are high-quality and ergonomically shaped baby carriers that support the healthy development of newborns’ hips. They ensure that the child’s legs are spread wide and facing outward and that the head is permanent supported. The child sits comfortably and gets healthy and optimum support.

5. There are baby carriers that won’t make you sweat

If you hear the words “baby carrier” and instantly think of thick padding, wide shoulder straps and a back section that doesn’t breathe, you are probably thinking about much older models. But the days of going for a walk with a baby carrier on your back or stomach and returning drenched in perspiration are long gone. Nowadays, designers and manufacturers work constantly to improve the ergonomics and use lighter materials for more comfortable baby carriers that promote health above all else. They fine-tune innovative processes and techniques when crafting new materials that result, for example, in an airy and breathable netting. Say goodbye to beads of sweat and hello to freedom of movement without a stroller, for example with the We Air baby carrier from BabyBjörn, which won the Red Dot seal of quality last year.

We Air baby carrier from BabyBjörn


Posted on 23.06.2017

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