Awnings for balconies and gardens – privacy screen & shade

Awnings for balconies and gardens – privacy screen & shade

Awnings for balconies, patios or gardens are functional, but at the same time provide a neat decorative element to brighten up your outside space. They are available in a range of different styles to suit all types of requirements. Apart from their appearance, which differs mainly in terms of the type or pattern of the material, these shade-givers vary in respect of their assembly and their construction. They can either be fitted as a retractable roof or can function as an opaque dividing wall between your balcony and that of your neighbour. Apart from the advantages of providing shade, protection from the wind and from prying eyes, an awning offers two further benefits: it saves space and can be purchased as a customised product.

Weatherproof sun protection for the patio

As soon as the first rays of sun appear in spring, the whole family uses the veranda as an outdoor living area in good weather. It serves as a kitchen when barbecuing, as a dining space for afternoon coffee with friends, and even homework is not such a chore when done in the fresh air. Of course the patio has to be suitably set up for all of these purposes. In addition to comfortable chairs, a sturdy table and a few green plants, it needs sun protection that takes up as little space as possible.

Red Dot 21 has taken a look around and emphatically recommends the cassette awning Cuba from BroxSun. The cover is tailored to your measurements and thus fits precisely above your outdoor living space. For storage, the material is rolled up and protected from dirt and wet in a cassette mounted to the wall of the house. When the sun shines, simply use the remote control to extend the hinged-arm awning electrically. The coated material is weatherproof and waterproof. In case of strong gusts of wind or a big storm, the integrated wind sensor automatically retracts the awning. It therefore has an integrated wind sensor that retracts the awning in strong gusts of wind. And as a special added bonus, Cuba from BroxSun is fitted with LED lighting. This means you can enjoy warm summer evenings outside until well into the night even if it is raining.

Cassette awning Cuba from BroxSun*

Airy sun protection in the garden

If you want shade but still want the feeling of sitting under an open sky, a cable tension awning is a good solution. Like a canopy, the loose all-weather material domes over the garden path, the patio or conservatory. The folding sun sail is suspended from several barrel hooks and adds a very special flair to your outside space.

You can purchase the Pergola cable tension awning online from the partners of Red Dot 21. Because the product comes as a complete kit, you don’t have to buy screws or dowels or any other mounting parts separately. The simple assembly is all you have to do. To assemble, attach the stainless steel cables as instructed, hook in the barrel hooks to the white luxury sun sail and thread the sail. The Pergola awning can then be moved on the tensioned cables depending on what direction the sun is shining. The flexible sun roof is suitable for providing shade and even keeps light rain at bay thanks to the close weave.
Pergola cable tension awning*

Safely protected from nosy neighbours behind the side awning

As relaxing as it is to enjoy the sun on your balcony in a bikini after work, prying eyes and nosy neighbours are a real bother. It’s hard to recover from everyday stress if you feel constantly watched. A privacy screen can provide the solution. With a side awning that acts as a privacy screen, sun and wind protection all in one, you can kill three birds with one stone.

Red Dot 21 particularly recommends the side awning from Songmics. Made from polyester, it is very easy to care for and has a water-resistant polyurethane coating. The waterproof material also offers integrated UV protection. It is sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. Thanks to its outstanding quality, the awning is certified by TÜV Süd GS.

Side awning from Songmics*

Installing the privacy screen and sun and wind protection is very simple. You can choose between two assembly methods for the support post. Either fix it to the base plate included in the delivery scope or directly to the ground. Both versions guarantee excellent stability.

Posted on 11.07.2017

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