Animal-friendly design products for dogs and cats

Animal-friendly design products for dogs and cats

Numerous social holidays such as the “Take your dog to work day” demonstrate that we love animals and are happy to make them part of our everyday life. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They live with us under the same roof, are considered as full-fledged family members and can also tag along to work. We would like to use the social holiday and with it the love of animals as an opportunity to introduce incredibly animal-friendly design products for dogs as well as for cats. For when it comes to feeding or playing, both of them are pleased when they receive attentive treatment.


Feeding bowls for dogs and cats

Those who believe that feeding bowls for dogs and cats do not require any specific attention, are wrong – they are the very essence of feed intake. Especially in case of cats, the whiskers necessitate the use of a widely-shaped bowl, so that the whiskers do not bump into the edge of the bowl when eating. This is unpleasant for cats and may cause them pain. Moreover, the feeding bowls should not be designed for large amounts of feed. Overfeeding takes place faster than you think. Especially if the animals are older and tend to move less, the lack of movement can lead to obesity. Therefore, it is all the more important for you to keep a tab on the daily requirement of feed for the animal and not exceed it. A digital feeding bowl is helpful for controlling the quantity of the feed. What’s more, there are bowls which – like the Messy Mutts Elevated Feeder – stand elevated and allow for a joint-friendly posture while eating.


We recommend the Smart Bowl by Petkit to control the large quantity of feed for dogs.It has a precise digital weighing machine and can calculate the quantity or weight of the food.

Animal-friendly design products - Smart Bowl

Smart Bowl


Automated feeding station and drinking fountains

Just like in the other areas of life, there are a lot of fancy ideas for animal-friendly design products, which win over with advanced technology nowadays. The subject of feeding does not only play a major role in the design of feeding bowls, but also in the automation of the feeding process. Animals love regular feeding times. Those who travel a lot and are home at irregular hours can rejoice in an automatic feeding station, which can be controlled via a smart app remote control.


The automatic feeder Fresh Element by Petkit offers an intelligent design that works with ten precise sensors and makes optimised feeding possible. Daily feeding schedules can be set via the app, which consist of one to a maximum of twenty meals with a portion of 20 grams each.

Animal-friendly design products - Fresh Element

Fresh Element 


For fresh drinking water, there are bubbling drinking fountains available today, which purify the water. The Eversweet fountain by Petkit offers fresh water for dogs and cats, thanks to its triple purifying system with a mesh screen, activated carbon filter and ion-exchange-resin. Two different modes allow either a permanent supply of fresh water or a division of day and night, where the pump frequency alternates with a sleep mode.

Animal-friendly design products - Eversweet



Designer toys for cats

Cats have a reputation of being able to engage themselves very well and also preferring to play alone. This is why there are numerous varieties of toys for cats. And then they also love scratching posts for sharpening their claws, climbing structures such as Katris for the view from the top, and little baskets to rest after playing, such as the modular system Buddy.


If you want to provide these essential items to your cat while simultaneously saving space in the apartment, we recommend the Cat Playground by Petkit, which combines the functions of a scratch pad, a toy and a place of retreat.

Animal-friendly design products - Cat Playground

Cat Playground 


Innovative dog leashes

Innovative dog leashes are currently very popular. They can be synced with the mobile phone and can record the route of the walks with the dog as well as the duration. The dog leash Go by Petkit also provides these features, which can be connected to the smartphone via the Petkit Go app. The running route and the elapsed time can be visualised using a map. Additionally, the integrated lighting system with LEDs on the robust yet soft handle ensures more safety during walks in the dark.

Animal-friendly design products - Go



Also recommended is the dog leash Flexi Vario, which can be seen in the header image: The individually combinable 8-meter rope leash with sophisticated accessories and change straps (see Flexi Vario accessories) as well as a reflective biting belt from the multi-award winning Flexi Vario system for dogs ensures more safety in the dark and is suitable for a maximum body weight of 20 kilograms.

Animal-friendly design products - Flexi Vario

Flexi Vario


You can browse through more animal-friendly design products in our Pet supplies category.

Posted on 22.06.2018

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