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Analogue watches – stylish, functional fashion accessories

The traditional watches are called analogue watches. As opposed to digital watches, their dials are fitted with hands. While the time can be read off easy-peasy through the digits displayed on the dials of digital watches, the time must be identified through the position of the hands in the case of analogue watches. Both models have advantages and disadvantages. One who likes to keep it simple and sees his wrist watch primarily as a functional device, he should go for a digital model.

However, one who attaches great importance to an edgy timepiece, which differentiates itself optically from the masses and still fulfils its duty, should go for the analogue type. For women, the watch with its hands and dial can be of a delicate type. The slightly larger models are designed for the male wrist; and there are the unisex models, as well, that are suited for both sexes. They are made of different materials and can naturally also be had with various additional functions.

The men’s watch by Titan – sportive and extravagant

Titanium is not only an especially impact-resistant metal but also has a significantly lower weight than steel or stainless steel. It is for this reason that it is preferred for use in the manufacture of sportive watches. Even the larger model for men is comfortably light on your arm. At the same time, the strength of the titanium case protects the sensitive mechanism and thus, promises you a longer life for your chronometer. The Titanium EDGE, that Red Dot 21 would like to particularly recommend to you, shows that a sports watch need not be boring and simple, but just the opposite, they can be tasteful and exclusive as well.

The Titanium EDGE, manufactured by the Indian watch manufacturer, Titan Company Limited, captivates you with its distinctive, extraordinary design: The case-in-case concept. With its case thickness of just four millimetres, the extravagant chronometer rightly belongs to the thinnest wrist watches in the world. This slimness also shows up in its weight, naturally. The ultra-thin Edge weighs only 36 grams and can so, you can hardly feel it on your wrist. In order to still protect the sensitive quartz mechanism, it is enclosed in a titanium case with a sapphire glass. The robust titanium and the hard sapphire glass guarantee that the premium-quality men’s wrist watch has a long service life. You can purchase the incomparable Titanium EDGE in black, online from the partners of Red Dot 21.

Titanium EDGE

Titanium EDGE

A watch that fights against hurry and haste

Haste and stress are a sign of our fast moving times and have unfortunately become an unchangeable given in the lives of many people. That just this life, where we rush from one deadline to the next, is totally unhealthy, has been borne out by many studies. And these are not only work-related deadlines that make our lives so difficult, even in our leisure time, we let ourselves be rushed from one meet to the other, all too often. If we think about it, it really could be so simple – do not consider the word “punctuality” to be taken literally to mean exact to the minute. Red Dot 21 has discovered a watch for you which can help you to make your whole day a little more peaceful.

For the Slow Watch by Blackboard GmbH, which is based in Hamburg, the name is the slogan. In order that you find it easier not to place each minute on scales that are used to weigh gold, the unisex wrist watch has a 24 hour movement that is divided into 15 minute units. Single minutes or seconds can just not be read off. The measurement of time is done through a single hand which allows you to assess the time to an exactness of approximately two to three minutes. For better viewing in sunshine or under neon lights, the Slow Watch has an anti-glare coating. Its case with its fully recessed back, is made of solid steel, the dial is protected by hardened K1 mineral glass and, in addition to that, the chronometer is waterproof up to a depth of 100 metres. Whoever wants to subdivide his time a little more generously, can purchase the “slow” watch with its chic, vintage leather strap here.

Slow Watch

Slow Watch by Blackboard GmbH

An elegant wrist watch for today‘s fashionable woman

Today’s watches have no place for embellishments and elaborate trimmings as simplicity and purity are best suited to precision and clarity. Simple digital watches reflect this zeitgeist in the best possible way. However, watches can also be found among analogue watches as well, whose simple design optimally represents today’s trends. Red Dot 21 would like to introduce you to a wrist watch for women, which decorates the wrist of the modern woman and accessorises a fashionable outfit perfectly, in spite of being a classic, analogue watch.

The Danish Design Martin Larsen women’s wrist watch comes from the S. Weisz Uurwerken BV in Amstelveen in the Netherlands. Its simple dial does without any numbers. However, in addition to the hour and minute hand, it also has a second hand. Aside from that, in the lower third of the clearly visible dial, there is a small round area for the display of the date. A resilient stainless steel case and a scratch-proof sapphire glass make the tasteful Danish Design Martin Larsen women’s watch tough and robust. The black leather strap with its classic pin buckle only makes the pure chronometer even better looking. This can be just the trendy and tasteful modish accessory for the discerning woman of today.

Danish Design Martin Larsen

Danish Design Martin Larsen women’s wrist watch

Posted on 27.07.2017

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