A modern dining room with a mix of materials

A modern dining room with a mix of materials

The trends of the last few years are based on a mix of materials, in which different designs, fabrics, surfaces and colour combinations are used to create an interesting and inviting look. The trend of the rustic touch paired with elements from industrial design has remained conspicuous and constant in 2017 as well – here, wood, in particular, solid wood, plays a major role and metal plays a meaningful supporting role.

The basics for every dining room: dining table, chairs or benches

Which pieces of furniture form the basis of every dining room is not the question. In every case, a stylish table with beautiful chairs that just invite you to sit down on are the answer. Since the table is the central element of the dining area, it needs to have the greatest attention paid to it during your purchase. You need to spend time and give thought to its size and shape. Ask yourself, how many guests will need to be seated at your table, is the size of the table suitable to the size of the dining room or to the area that has been allocated for dining and what shape the dining table should have. Square and rectangular shapes are practical and good, however oval shapes have their own special appeal.

The many types of dining room tables

In order to keep your options open and to increase the size of the table when required, rectangular tables are best suited, since the table top can simply be fully pulled out. In this way, a table for six people can be turned into one that can seat twelve, in moments. One who decides on a rectangular table model can choose benches as an alternative to the classical chairs. People who choose benches that are made completely of wood or have the seating surface covered with upholstery, can look forward to a comfortable and space-saving alternative; this has been gaining increasing popularity in the last few years. The use of benches also provides for a more intimate dining experience, in which the guests come closer together at the beautifully laid table – that creates a comfortable atmosphere automatically.

You can, for example, take advantage of the 1.94 m long bench from the Scandinavian industrial series “BESTANO”, where each piece of furniture is unique and is painstakingly handmade. The rustic bench is made of solid wood and the natural wood surface is oiled. The frame is made of metal that has an antique black look. A truly trendy and unique piece.

Bench Bestano*

Furnishing the dining area or a separate dining room

The decision regarding the furnishing depends on whether it is a dining area in the living room or an independent dining room. Both have their own advantages: In the case of a separate dining area, which is harmonically integrated in the overall image of the living room, it is advisable to keep similar styles and colours as in the living room in order to avoid hard transitions. In the case of a separate dining room however, there are no limits set on the colour combinations, surfaces or materials. You can run riot here to let the room look unique.

How can you make the dining room cosy?

The use of well thought-out illumination helps in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the dining room and to underline the intimacy. Decorative suspended lamps are suitable for ceiling lighting, they look chic and provide adequate illumination at the same time. You can find edgy designer lamps in our “Lighting” category.

Today’s strong trend is towards the grouping of glass and metal in suspended lamps that have an industrial or retro design. They create a more impressive effect when integrated. In our “Using lighting effectively for your home’s interior design” guidebook, you can discover, how you can utilise lighting sensibly.

Eye-catching chests of drawers, sideboards or glass cabinets also help, as much as pictures on the wall that are lit-up, to create a beautifully decorated place in your own four walls. You can also make yourself comfortable here, outside of mealtimes. To light up your pictures, you should use exclusive wall lamps in order to accentuate the effect of the pictures. You can find these wall lamps here at Red Dot 21. A small bar in a corner of the room can be thought of, in the case that the dining area or the dining room has enough space. It can store spirits, bottles of wine and beautiful glasses with which you can certainly trump your guests.

Dining room trend: wood and metal in an industrial look

The rustic trend for a modern dining room requires the use of natural materials, where wood, i.e. solid wood is primarily meant. Many designers and manufacturers thus take the connection that humans have to nature as the basis and use it to fulfil the ever increasing desire of many of their customers for so-called “natural living”.

However, in order to achieve this look, furniture need not always be made of solid wood. On the contrary, what is “in” today is wood that can be well-combined with other kinds of materials. What is meant here are the types of wood such as oak, beech, walnut or acacia, which look fantastic when paired with black or gleaming metals. What comes out of that combination is the feel of a modern look with an industrial touch that has a whiff of purism and timeless elegance, all at the same time. A table top with a U-shaped metal base does not only give you a harder look, but also loosens up the entire image, because the details catch the eye immediately.

This is the case with the 2.20 m long and very elegant “Taurus” designer dining table by Navito in Switzerland. The stylish table with its timeless design is made of acacia wood and has a lacquered surface. It stands on a U-shaped frame made of chromium-plated steel. A dining table for style-conscious aesthetes.

Designer dining table Taurus*

Another wonderful and just as luxurious alternative is provided by the same manufacturer. The Gotama X dining table is no less impressive than the “Taurus”. A frame made of powder-coated metal with a dove-tailed surface supports the 2.00 m long table top, which is made of oiled oak wood. A table with an industrial look for particularly high aspirations.

Designer dining table Gotama X*

This trend can also be found in sideboards and chests of drawers which have long legs made of metal instead of the models that were close to the floor in the style of the mid-century.

Mixing of materials with the Scandinavian and retro look

In the case of chairs for the dining room, the happening mix of materials continues. The chair legs are made of metal while the seat is of leather or synthetic leather. Leather is still considered one of the most-desired materials for the seat due to its durability and being easy to maintain and also as it can be cleaned easily. When furnishing the dining room in the Scandinavian or retro look, a trend that has established itself well in the furniture sector, the distinctive feature is that the legs of the chairs are slightly outwardly curved at the top and become narrower as they come downwards; this has almost become a trademark. The chair legs are often made of wood while the seat is made of woven materials in subdued and subtle colours.

The “Marlo” designer chair for the dining room has oak wood legs and a well-padded seat as well as a backrest that is covered with beige-coloured fabric (cappuccino) and it is an absolute trend-setter.

Designer chair Marlo* 

The exclusive “Grany” dining room chair with its chair legs made of wild oak, a micro-velour cover with a buffalo-leather look and a padded-spring seat in taupe can satisfy you fully and also give your guests a high degree of seating comfort.

Designer chair Grany*

You can find more tables, chairs, shelves and sideboards in our “Living & bedroom furniture” category at Red Dot 21.

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for the furnishing of your dining room and rummage in our world of living, so that you are properly relaxed while dining and you can astound your guests at your next invitation. We wish you a good evening.

Posted on 01.08.2017

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