Garden care: summer makeover of garden and terrace
Design & lifestyle trends

Garden care: summer makeover of garden and terrace

That's why we reveal to you today, how you can beautify your garden and terrace just in time for the summer and get ready for the cosy hours amidst greenery ...

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Red Dot 21 – Design & lifestyle trends

In the “Design & lifestyle trends” section of the magazine on Red Dot 21, we regularly present interesting new design products as part of our editorial. These products meet a certain design standard, are beautifully proportioned, suitable for everyday use, and are highly functional or set trends.

Every year, thousands of innovative products from all over the world are submitted for the Red Dot Design Award. They have to convince a critical jury of international design experts of their merits. The criteria that bring the jury to reach a positive verdict prompt us to consider the successful products for possible recommendation. However, we also include products that we personally like and that managed to persuade us of their design quality in this section of the magazine.

Lifestyle Trends: design products in focus

The design products presented in our magazine section offer a winning combination of shape, colours and user-friendly or sustainable characteristics. Based on fashionable lifestyle trends, we identify matching and seasonal topics that suit the product or the sector. We put the products into context and tell you why it is worth giving a certain product your full attention. We share interesting, in-depth information, examine the development process for products, highlight special features and different ways of using the products and hopefully give you a completely new perspective on them. Starting from the text you can navigate to the detailed product descriptions provided by manufacturers, designers, design agencies and publishing houses that are to be found under the “Products & Projects” menu tab. For a more general overview, you can browse through the different product categories.

With the help of Red Dot 21, be the first to find out which design products are already setting trends today and conquering the shelves of retailers and the hearts of consumers. We have made a pre-selection of interesting products which offer a high standard of design that are designed to enrich the quality of your daily life.