The Big Bubble – pendant luminaire

The Big Bubble – pendant luminaire

The design of The Big Bubble pendant luminaire was inspired in its form by giant soap bubbles. Floating on the wind, soap bubbles induce a strange fascination in both children and adults. With their weightless appearance and self-contained yet ephemeral form continuously changing in colour, they embody timeless beauty – at least for a few seconds – until they suddenly burst and disappear. Soap bubbles therefore can also be found as a vanity motif in the fine arts, where they symbolise both the beauty and the transitory nature of human life.

The shape of The Big Bubble lights capture exactly this short magical moment when the soap bubble is about to reach full bloom – and freezes it in time. An ephemeral and highly fragile natural phenomenon is thus turned into a permanent object.

This effect is achieved through an artistic approach in processing the material of molten glass, which is blown by mouth by skilled artisans. The individual shapes result from the process of their creation, giving each luminaire a unique contour. The amorphous lighting objects with their thin glass skin are suspended by two fine wires that make them look as if they are floating in the air. Equipped with LED modules, the organically bulged glass bodies create ever-changing light reflections depending on the viewing angle. Inspired by nature, the luminaires thus emerged as emotionally appealing lighting objects that lend the fleeting beauty of a soap bubble a stable form and specific function.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 10.03.2017

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