Nest, stewpot – Food for body and soul

“In a broken nest, there are few whole eggs” (Chinese proverb)

*Original: 覆巢无完卵。 – Fùcháo wú wán luǎn.

Whenever and wherever around the world people gather to eat together, it is about much more than just food intake. Eating in company is the most basic form of social get-togethers. Our very early ancestors went hunting together to kill mammoths and then fed on the meat while sitting closely together around the fire. Today, shopping and eating are subject to individualist lifestyles. Yet, for many people, the need to eat in company still remains – be it with family or friends or business partners. Eating together creates a sense of intimacy. The telling of stories, discussion of problems, many peace negotiations and even marriage contracts have always been accompanied by the sharing of food. Eating at the same table brings people together like almost no other activity, as it satisfies both physical and emotional needs. Not only does food often taste better in company, people also take pleasure in conversations – in short, eating together makes people feel comfortable, enjoying both the food and the company. In Chinese culture, the idea of coming together and eating together traditionally also plays a significant role. But eating together is no longer something that can be taken for granted, even within the family unit. Each family member follows his or her own daily routine – so finding time for a meal together is often not easy.

The stewpot Nest aims at bringing the entire family back to the dining table together. The concept of communal meals is translated into a distinctive product in terms of both form and functionality. The design language of the stewpot in combination with the accompanying trivet is reminiscent of a bird’s nest. It symbolises the loving protection that all family members feel when living together in one house. From a purely functional point of view, the trivet encourages users to place it right in the middle of the table. Self-sufficiently resting in itself, the organic and well-balanced design of the heavy stewpot exudes warmth and harmony, forming a calm and stable focus of the community around a table. Manufactured from clay and gravel sand, it stores heat for long periods, ensuring that all members of the family have ample time to enjoy the food and each other’s company.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 28.02.2017

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