Flexible emergency bed

Flexible emergency bed

Sleep is a vital physiological process of relaxation and recovery. Humans sleep for almost one third of their entire lifetimes and seven hours daily on average. Sleep is a phase of regeneration not only for the immune system, but also for the brain, which uses this time to process the experiences and information from the previous day. Permanent sleep deprivation can even be fatal and is used as a means of torture. People often joke that an uncomfortable bed is a catastrophe – but what if people lose more than their beds in a real natural disaster?

The strong typhoon-induced torrents that led to the devastating floods of 2010 in Pakistan took people by surprise in their sleep, affecting more than 14 million people and causing more than 1,700 casualties – a true large-scale disaster. However, even in the most trying of situations, the basic human needs of eating, drinking – and of course sleeping – must be satisfied. The more severe the deprivation, the more resolutely the body voices its demands, even in the most adverse environment. A video from the disaster area in Pakistan that showed a baby sleeping on a cold damp floor demonstrated this poignantly, prompting the members of the Tzu-Chi Foundation to develop an emergency bed for flood victims: the Jing Si multipurpose folding bed.

Jing Si, which can be used flexibly as either a single bed or a bench, consists of foldable plastic elements and can be set up quickly without the need for tools. The bed’s surface is made of skin-friendly polypropylene and is 30 cm high so that this piece of furniture can even be set up on muddy ground, if necessary, and still be high enough to keep people away from  the germs and bacteria that often spread quickly in water and muddy ground after flooding. The plastic elements have been designed with several punch-out patterns that serve two purposes: They reduce the weight of the bed for easy transport on the one hand and provide good air circulation on the other. The Jing Si multipurpose bed thus offers people in disaster areas a place where they can rest safely and regain strength in their sleep while their brain processes and comes to terms with the traumatic experiences.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 25.01.2017

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