Firephant, fire extinguisher – Icon of protection

Life is full of risk. From the very first breath to the last, we are constantly at risk of an early death – be it due to disease, a natural disaster or a sudden accident. Being faced with the risks of everyday life does not mean, however, that we are constantly worried about them. In the best case, we take preventive measures or get tools in order to be better prepared if the occasion arises. Once all preparations are done, we can forget about the risks and free our minds of all possible dangers in our lives – and be free to concentrate fully on living.

A fire extinguisher for home use is one of those very tools for minimising physical harm and the risk of death – namely in the event of a fire breaking out which, if not fought immediately, can quickly get out of control and turn into a life-threatening inferno. However, most fire extinguishers feature a design that only complies with purely technical requirements. This results in fire extinguishers being functional as well as highly visible due to their most often red signal colouring. Unfortunately, however, it makes them unattractive, so that they are often hidden from direct view in home interiors. Instead of being present and ready for use in next to no time, they lead a shadowy existence, relegated to dark corners, cupboards or even the cellar.

The Firephant fire extinguisher is a welcome exception: Thanks to its sculptural design, it turns the fire extinguisher from a useful yet unloved everyday object into a true design object that no longer has to be hidden away. With its gently flowing lines and the organically curved handle, it is reminiscent of an elephant that lifts its long trunk in a greeting. It thus inspires friendliness and no longer runs the risk of being forgotten.

Furthermore, the clear and reduced design vocabulary makes the Firephant intuitive to use in the case of fire: Users need only release the safety clip, aim the elephant trunk shaped handle at the fire and shoot to spray the extinguishing agent directly at the flames. Thus, the Firephant turns into an icon of protection that people like to decorate their homes with and that reduces one of the risks we face in our lives.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 10.04.2017

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