Fimbulvetr snowshoe – New tracks in the snow

Fimbulvetr snowshoe – New tracks in the snow

A fundamental characteristic that distinguishes human beings is the ability to conceive of and construct tools and equipment that help them adapt to the most inhospitable environments: the desert, austere rocky mountainsides or the Norwegian Fimbulvetr – long winters with heavy snow, biting frosts and severe icy storms that, in Nordic mythology, signal the end of the world.

In order to be able to hunt in even the deepest of snow, people several thousand years ago had already invented the snowshoe. Traditionally consisting of rawhide lacings or a leather construction attached to a hardwood frame with wooden latticework, snowshoes serve to augment the footprint of the wearer and distribute his or her weight evenly, leaving distinctive marks in the snow.

The latest snowshoe designs have very little in common with those traditional bulky, clumsy and uncomfortable models, which were only a means to an end and felt rather clumsy to wear. Today, snowshoeing is a popular recreational winter activity with snowshoes that are highly sophisticated. Against this backdrop, the Fimbulvetr snowshoe has been designed for maximum comfort when walking and hiking over wintry terrain covered with deep snow. Unlike conventional snowshoes, the Fimbulvetr is made from an ultra-strong yet extremely light thermoplastic elastomer, a material that is more commonly found in car engines and shock absorbers. With the help of 3D modelling, double-curved surfaces were developed that provide maximum structural stiffness with minimal material usage. The feet rest comfortably on a flexible hinge, the so-called “all direction hinge”, which distributes the weight and impact force evenly across the entire shoe, creating the impression that the snowshoe is a natural extension of the body. The honeycomb pattern grants maximum torsional strength and floatation in all snow conditions.

The Fimbulvetr thus merges centuries-old Norwegian winter tradition with the latest technology to create an innovative snowshoe that is light, sporting and flexible, and which, even in the more impassable terrains, leaves its highly distinctive mark in the snow.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 12.01.2017

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