Fever Zero – lightweight sleeping bag

Fever Zero – lightweight sleeping bag

Many people today are looking for unique experiences, thrilling activities and grand personal adventures, yet always with a calculated risk – life on holidays has to be at least more exciting than everyday life at home.

Adventure travels reflect the desire of many people to experience nature at its most elemental – and being “out there” in physical contact is part of that. However, adventure travels over several days can only be truly enjoyed if the field pack is as light as possible. After all, for this type of holiday, the journey itself is the reward. The success of many outdoor adventure trips thus depends crucially on the equipment and the total weight of the pack to be carried. The sleeping bag plays a vital role in this context: On the one hand it has to provide a warm and dry place at night, when the cold seeps out from the ground, for the hiker to sleep safely and recover from the exhaustion of the day. On the other hand the sleeping bag factors greatly into the total weight and volume of all the equipment.

The down sleeping bag “Fever Zero” manages to optimise the packing size and weight. Weighing in at just 280 grams, this sleeping bag is extremely light and compresses down to a pack of 11 x 18 cm that takes up hardly more space in the rucksack than a sandwich. This reduction was made possible through a combination of new and traditional materials, innovative technology and craftsmanship manufacturing. The outer layer is made of a breathable and waterproof nylon fabric called “Next to Nothing 2.0”, an ultra-fine yarn which can only be woven by five looms in the world – all located in northern Japan. The ultra-light fabric is filled with 110 grams of finest European down, so-called Crystal Down, from geese bred according to animal welfare standards. Thus the summer sleeping bag keeps the user warm despite the use of the thinnest materials and offers a high level of comfort, both for sleeping and while hiking – when its weight is hardly felt. This allows adventure travellers to concentrate on experiencing nature up close.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 22.05.2017

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