ConceptoShield, medical accessory – out of sight

ConceptoShield, medical accessory – out of sight

Sweating hands, tremor, nausea or panic attacks – up to ten per cent of all people suffer from blood and needle phobia and react with strong physical symptoms when a blood sample has to be taken or a vaccination or infusion given. And about three-quarters of people feel at least a little uneasy when confronted with blood or infusion syringes. For fear of pain, many people flinch back from the needle, so that it cannot hit the vein straight or even misses it, causing more pain than necessary. In the worst cases, the procedure has to be started all over again, which in turn triggers more fear – a vicious circle that patients unwillingly slide into and which can make work for medical staff difficult. Although it is barely more than a little pinch that does not really hurt much, an irrational fundamental human instinct triggers some kind of flight behaviour that is hard to overcome, especially for children.

ConceptoShield is a means to hide the needle insertion point or a wound that has to be treated from the view of patients. It thus relies on a familiar yet highly effective human behavioural pattern: the high art of suppression. The shield prevents patients from being exposed to the view of a needle piercing their skin or of blood seeping from a wound. Instead, the shield attracts the patients’ attention and encourages them to focus on the happy, engaging motifs printed on the shield surface. Following the dictum “Out of sight, out of mind”, ConceptoShield thus alleviates emotional stress in patients. The shield is just large enough to hide from patients what is happening and small enough to allow medical staff to easily keep eye contact with their patients and talk to them to calm them down when necessary and gain their trust.

This very simple yet effective product is made of recyclable paper and is equipped with integrated adhesive tape that easily adjusts the shield to an arm or leg and allows the shield to be later removed by pulling gently on its bottom side. Thirty-two shields with sixteen different motifs created by artists and graphic designers are available. They come in book format and are easy to tear out. Embodying a simple, innovative design solution that is highly effective, these shields not only alleviate stress in anxious patients, they also make the daily medical routine of healthcare professionals easier.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 31.03.2017

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