Combihammer from Hilti – perfect balance

Combihammer from Hilti – perfect balance

When working with concrete and stone, force has to be applied to a specific point often for extended periods – work that is physically challenging and strenuous.

One of the key aspects in developing, designing and further improving tools suitable for such work is to continuously question whether further changes in the design would help users handle the device more efficiently and more easily, how the work process can be optimised and the work at hand be made safer, less tiring and more productive. Therefore, every work move is observed, registered and analysed. Interviewing users also plays a crucial role, as they work with these products for many hours every day, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses inside out, and thus are able to give valuable suggestions for improvements.

The development of the TE 70-D/-ATC/-AVR combihammer range was also preceded by a lengthy analysis process. Based on the results, the combihammers emerged as tools with optimum performance and as light a weight as possible. The combihammer range makes tedious work easier thanks to a perfect balance of performance and weight. Every single combihammer is meticulously balanced and pleasant to hold. Their centre of gravity is close to the grip and, in combination with the low contact pressure they require to get the work done, they take the effort out of hammer drilling or chiselling. Another carefully thought-out and optimised feature is the air guidance system and with it the cooling of the tool. This reduces dust intake and ensures optimum cooling even under continuous operation. In addition, the adverse health effects due to vibrations usually associated with this kind of work were also reduced to a minimum, facilitated by special counterweights that largely compensate for high-frequency vibrations. The combihammers are made of high-grade materials and virtually indestructible components. Their design visualises both the flow of force and high quality of the tools. Thus the combihammers not only make tedious drilling and chiselling work easier through their refined ergonomics and perfect balance – they also emotionalise the work.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 12.03.2017

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