Carevo, shower trolley – a dignified solution

Carevo, shower trolley – a dignified solution

According to a Persian proverb, “dignity in old age is like the shining sun”. In most cultures, it is taken for granted that older people are shown and treated with respect. Their dignity and the respect given to them derive from their experiences in life – the stories they lived through, the wisdom they acquired in the course of their lives. Under certain circumstances, however, it is difficult to maintain this natural dignity, for instance when people end up bedridden due to disease or old age, dependent on help and care provided by others. In this regard, in hospitals and care facilities, the maintenance of patient hygiene in particular can constitute a major challenge for everyone concerned: for care recipients because it may cause feelings of insecurity and vulnerability, and for caregivers because they have to intrude into the intimate sphere of patients. Added to this, caring for immobile patients can be highly demanding physically.

The Carevo shower trolley has been designed to make the procedure of showering patients in a lying position more humane for both caregivers and care recipients. The aim of creating and developing it was to offer a product that places people at the centre of the care routine. Thus following a human-centred design approach, Carevo emerged as a shower trolley with a friendly appearance and a fresh language of form that helps alleviate patient anxiety and insecurities from the start. A flexible zone ensures even distribution of body weight not only to enhance comfort but, more importantly, to promote feelings of security, protection and ease. A well-positioned and comfortable handle gives patients the opportunity to participate actively in what is happening, for example when being turned.

Furthermore, indents in the side support make it possible for caregivers to stand and work more closely to patients when showering or turning them. This eliminates the need for caregivers to lean too far forward over the trolley, which in turn reduces strain on the spine and thus prevents potential back injuries. The trolley’s stretcher can be raised for an ergonomically improved patient position when washing their face or hair. All controls and the shower handle holder feature an intuitive-to-use design and are within easy reach from all major positions. The trolley thus allows caregivers to focus fully and more effectively on the needs of the patient.

Carevo offers enhanced patient comfort and a dignified experience, as well as an improved work environment for caregivers by making an often strenuous task easier, safer and more efficient. A sensitive and ergonomically well-thought-out design thus emerged as a dignified solution to alleviate the routine of hygiene care for both caregivers and care recipients.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 20.01.2017

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