Axor Starck Organic – bathroom fitting

Axor Starck Organic – bathroom fitting

Water is the origin of and a precondition for life. It nurtures humans and animals and allows plants to grow and thrive. Trees, too, are symbols of life that can be found in many cultures and religions. The bathroom fixture “Axor Starck Organic” merges the notions of water and trees, with the aim of creating a new way of experiencing the element of water in daily use.

The minimalist, organic design of the taps is reminiscent of the silhouettes of branches. They seem to grow softly and like sculptures out of the washstand. The reduced, flowing language of form lends the fixture a sense of tension and power, as well as a strong presence in the bathroom. The handles in turn blend in visually with the tap body to assure an overall harmonious appearance.

Axor Starck Organic evolved from a design and technology that contributes to a more conscious as well as resource-saving use of water. The fixture has been created in such a way that it requires one-third less brass to manufacture it compared to conventional taps. Furthermore, it allows the water volume and temperature to be controlled separately. The ergonomic handles for adjusting the flow of water are located directly at the outlet and point directly towards the user for ease of use, whereas the temperature is regulated on the upper side of the fixture. Therefore, the default temperature can only be changed as the result of an intentional act. New technology integrated into the washbasin fixture also contributes to lower water consumption. The tap has a maximum flow rate of only 3.5 litres per minute – as compared to the conventional seven litres. Thanks to a specially designed spray with 90 tiny holes, the water flows gently yet generously enough to wet the hands.

The new, organically flowing form language of the Axor Starck Organic bathroom fixture thus is paired with a new operating concept and intelligent functions which, in their interplay, promote a more responsible and at the same time more sensuous use of water.

Posted on 21.05.2017

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