5aver – designed for life

Fire is a basic requirement for human life on earth; however, it can also put an end to life. Every year, several thousand people worldwide die in fires. Only a few people die from the flames directly – about 80 per cent of all fire victims die from suffocation in the smoke. Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide can lead to loss of consciousness within a very short time and eventually to suffocation. So when a fire breaks out, every minute is vital in order to leave the danger area as quickly as possible. To be exact, statistically, from the time the fire breaks out, persons in danger have only five minutes to evacuate in order to have a realistic chance of getting out alive from a burning building.

“5aver” was developed with the aim of increasing the chance of survival during these critical five minutes. Based on the assumption that toxic smoke and poor visibility pose the greatest life-threatening risks, this emergency system comprises a respirator with a triple filter and a flashlight, integrating the two into one functional unit. Since many people tend to panic and start behaving irrationally in extreme emergency situations, the design is highly self-explanatory and allows for an intuitive use: In only five seconds, users can activate the respirator in a few simple steps. For five minutes, the mask then filters 92 per cent of the toxic gases out of the air. The flashlight switches on automatically when removed from the fixture and helps evacuees find their way around even in dense smoke. The name “5aver” is comprised of the word “saver” and the number “5”, which stands both for the five seconds of activation time and five minutes of protection.

Even the best rescue system is futile, however, if it cannot be found when needed. The fresh, clear design and the warm colour coding in bright yellow catch the eye and promote trust. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, 5aver is highly visible in corridors and in rooms – in case of an emergency, everyone will know where to find it. At the same time, it blends well into both private and commercial environments without being perceived as detracting from the interior. 5aver is simply there, quiet and discreet, yet clearly visible, and it is immediately ready for use when it is needed.

Source: Every Product Tells a Story (Red Dot Edition 2014)

Posted on 20.02.2017

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