Designers develop trendy coffee machine

Designers develop trendy coffee machine

Each year, manufacturers and designers surprise the world of coffee drinking pleasure with new creations. When the renowned Swiss design agency Multiple Global Design SA was commissioned by Nestlé for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto brand, designers Pierre Struzka and Thibault Escalier rose to the challenge of developing a coffee machine with a sophisticated style that is very much out of the ordinary.

Design coffee machine in the shape of a drop

When designing their product, it was particularly important to the designers to express the originality in the shape and to make a product that was not just attractive but also usable. The aim was that the quality of the design would not only look appealing but also radiate reliability, based on perfect execution and an extraordinary level of attention to detail. For the shape and name of the product, the designers were inspired by the image of a rebounding coffee drop. They placed particular emphasis on a compact and easy-to-use form in which the water tank and small details were carefully thought-out and meticulously integrated. Clean lines and glossy surfaces were to lend the capsule machine an elegant, high-quality appearance that would fit well even in a living room. The DROP from Krups with its unusual design is a little revolution in coffee culture.

Coffee machines with a young design for modern homes

Pierre Struzka and Thibault Escalier gave the capsule machine a young, fresh design for a contemporary home, without forfeiting user friendliness. They maintained a simple design idiom that was still distinctive and sensual. Their imaginative approach of creating a kind of artistic object from a coffee machine was rewarded with a Red Dot Design Award. The striking design meant that the product beat numerous competitors in the Kitchens category to win a Red Dot: Best of the Best in the 2016 design competition. The modern coffee machine is intuitive to use, and even small details were given careful consideration, winning over the designer hearts of the jurors.

“For us, a simple and successful design is often the result of good preparatory work that consists of emphasising the essential features.”

DROP coffee maker

DROP coffee maker

The award of honour is confirmation for the designers in one of the biggest challenges for their industry: convincing people that design improves the vital link between humans and objects.

Swiss design agency Multiple Global Design SA

At Multiple Global Design SA – one of Switzerland’s largest design agencies – the designers were able to let their creativity run free for the development of the extravagant capsule machine. The company was founded in 1973 in Switzerland and has since made a name for itself in the field of industrial design. The agency is represented on the market with more than 500 products in different areas today.

State-of-the-art means of communication are always used for the launch of a new product: from the initial idea as a simple sketch to 3D animation through CAD, computer rendering and prototyping. Multiple Global Design only makes coherent products with a responsible design that are sensitive to the changes in our world. Many high-profile large companies like Nestlé, Mettler-Toledo, Biomerieux and GF Agie Charmilles put their trust in the innovative work of the design agency.

Coffee paving the way for tastefully designed products

Electric coffee makers made their way into households back in the 1970s and paved the way for tastefully designed and functional devices. Nowadays, the classic ways of preparing coffee have changed, and coffee machines have moved on. Since 2000, the stylish pad and capsule systems have found their way onto shop shelves.

A study carried out by an international consumer goods and retail company in collaboration with “brand eins Wissen” and “statista” shows that 77% of 18 to 64 year olds had a traditional filter coffee machine in 2011 and just 35% of households had a pad machine and 13% had a capsule machine. By 2014, this pattern had already shifted, with already 40.8% of those surveyed owning a pad machine and 24.3% owning a capsule machine.

The demand for fully automated coffee machines thus appears to be on the rise, highlighting the constant imaginative work of designers, who are responding enthusiastically to the trend by creating highly developed and visually appealing fully automated machines. There are no limits to their creativity, with everything from the sublime to the extravagant and tastefully fashionable represented. Coffee machines are no longer restricted to the kitchen and dining room – they have also made their way into many living rooms.

Manufacturers focus on Germans’ beloved hot drink

There’s a good reason why manufacturers, designers and retailers are interested in creating innovative coffee machines: coffee is by far the most popular drink in Germany.

Germans drink on average 149 litres of coffee per year. A sizeable 64% of the 18 to 34 year olds surveyed said they drank coffee every day. This figure rose to 88.2% for 35 to 49 year olds, while 92.4% of 50 to 64 year olds drank coffee every day. A whole 23.8% of those surveyed drink on average two cups per day, regardless of their age.

In terms of the preferred location for drinking coffee, home is undoubtedly the favourite place for enjoying a coffee undisturbed, with 96.4% of those surveyed preferring to drink coffee at home. This was followed closely by 77.3% who prefer to drink their coffee with relatives or friends. At 65.2%, a sizeable percentage of Germans said they preferred to drink a coffee at work, while 64.2% like to drink it in a café.

No matter where, when and how often we drink it, coffee equals pleasure. Coffee makes us sociable and accompanies us throughout the day. For some it is what wakes them up in the mornings, for others it is coffee – together with a piece of cake – that creates a sociable setting with friends, acquaintances and relatives in the kitchen or the living room. Even in the office, at meetings, seminars and conferences, providing coffee is considered good manners, and fully automated coffee makers with an outstanding design not only make an especially good impression but also allow people to help themselves thanks to their ease of use.

We look forward to what stylish and sophisticated designs for coffee machines the designers will surprise us with next.

Posted on 09.06.2017

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