Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck, born 18 January 1949 in Paris, is a French designer and representative of a new design. His versatile designs range from product design to architecture and include spectacular interior design and simple everyday objects. Philippe Starck was awarded with the Red Dot: Best of the Best 2016 at the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design for the sofa “Uncle Jack” by the Italian manufacturer Kartell from Noviglio in Milan, Italy.

What was your goal when you designed your award-winning product?

Still working on the dematerialization and invisibility, I had the opportunity to make the biggest piece of invisible design. A huge challenge of technology, years of work, but if a sofa can become invisible, we are on the right way.

Why did you become a designer?

I became a designer by cowardness and laziness. It was so easy for me to wear the shoes of my father who was a famous airplane engineer and interesting inventor. My only problem is that it was more ambitious to design plane at the beginning of last century than designing chairs at the beginning of this one. But hopefully, I have dreams, and more than that, new generations have better dreams”.

What does winning the Red Dot: Best of the Best mean to you?

Everyday I receive direct awards from the public and it is a great pleasure. When I see the royalties I receive, I only see in it the number of people who have agreed to my proposals. This makes me alive. But receiving an award from my peers is more difficult and therefore I am very happy and even touched by this.

Posted on 23.05.2017

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