Oskar Juhlin, Kristian Eke, Jan Puranen

What was your goal when you designed your award-winning product?

Our main goal was to design a product that engaged a broad range of people. In some way, a generic bike but with a twist. We focused on high functionality as well as a multi-gender bike made for everyday use.

How do you define design quality?

High-quality design is experienced by seeing, touching and using the designed item. For me personally, this means experiencing and getting the “wow-effect” in every step of the life-cycle of the product.

What do you see as being the biggest challenges in your industry at present?

To find the eco balance and design for the future.

Where will your industry be in ten years; what trends and developments do you expect to see?

One trend that we have observed, is that of lending more and owing less.


Posted on 11.03.2017

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