Interview with Möbel-Liebschaften

What inspired you to create your product, and what is it about your product that is special?

During one of our draft design phases, we met in the Hunsrück region. While we were there, we had a barbeque and were philosophizing that the problem with conventional barbeques is that you can either eat or enjoy the warmth but not both – and we came to the conclusion that there must be a solution whereby it is possible to enjoy the romance of a campfire for even longer – This discussion resulted in the „prototype“ for our long-lasting barbeque.

What were the special challenges of realizing your product?

We had to test the functionality of each prototype in detail, because even the tiniest change in measurement resulted in new features. The result is that we have almost developed an allergy to barbecued sausage!

Which design philosophy influences your work?

Our products are the result of experience and everyday observations. Our draft designs don’t tend to stem from the sterile environment of an office. Instead, we prefer to design while cooking or hiking, or when waiting for the green light (that has already turned green!)? We try to design all products so that they fit in as if they had always existed. It goes without saying that we also want to make our customers addicted – and in some cases we have already succeeded!

Posted on 12.07.2013

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