Michael Lutter

“I have always been careful not to annoy or bother anyone”. Then the time came when he had enough of words, pictures, and sounds. Therefore, Michael Lutter decided that he should make things from his ideas. Or, in other words, things that can be described as real ideas. “Everything else would annoy me, or even worse bore me.”

(1) Mr. Lutter, you are the inventor of JOOZY, the juicer squeezer. It’s a very simple idea, how did you get it? And why in your opinion, did nobody think of it earlier?

Michael Lutter: It was not an idea that suddenly came to me. I work in a professional way. As an inventor, I look for problems and then I search for the simplest possible solutions. We all know how hard it is to squeeze citrus fruit and some people even use electric juicers. If you look closer, however, you l notice that the fruit is actually soft, so normally it can’t be so difficult to squeeze it. It is hard simply because a normal juicer slips. To prevent this, you have to exert high pressure and hold on to it. You’re talking about 20 kilos of pressure, something that can easily be measured with scales. JOOZY sticks firmly on the wall, does not slip and therefore it is quite easy to use.

(2) And that’s something you notice straightaway: the juice automatically flows into the glass beneath. Very convenient.

Michael Lutter: Yes, gravity does the rest. JOOZY is basically applied physics. You don’t need a motor anymore.

(3) Very nice. And it’s easy to use and new. Will there be more to see in the future from vonLutter? Or will the JOOZY be a one off thing?

Michael Lutter: I’ve just got a patent for a technique, with which one can fold boxes and other containers to a very small size, similar to a folding ruler.

(4) Sounds exciting. When can we see it?

Michael Lutter: As soon as I’ve found entrepreneurs and investors who want to join me. As I said, I am “only” the inventor. I am still looking, so, you out there, please contact me!

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The Red Dot 21 team would like to thank Mr. Lutter for providing the German texts related to the presentation of JOOZY.

Posted on 29.09.2017

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